The magic in live betting that works but could as well fail 

Betting puts money in the pockets of many just as it also plunges others into financial distress. The story of betting in Kenya is one that really evokes mixed reactions with as many supporting it as those blaming it. Largely, the sentiments that Kenyans hold about betting depend on their individual experiences. Even those who don’t have good things to say about it sometimes end up placing bets once in a while. Aside from jackpots and multibet, live betting has been an option that bettors go for. They have their reasons for it.

As betting platforms keep improving their products for lovers of gambling, people have kept exploring what works best for them. Previously bettors engaged in static betting in the sense that they could access a list of games to be played at a future date or time, make a bet slip based on their own analysis or lets say  gut instincts and stake money. But then today, people have a chance to place their money for live matches. 

The beauty, magic of live betting 

Just to get it clear, live betting doesn’t imply dynamic betting. Simply put, what happens with live betting is that a bettor can stake for a match as it plays live. But once you choose a particular outcome, you won’t be able to review that bet even in the case of a change of mind. But whatever the case, there’s something worth the talk about live betting. 

Live betting can be a curse and blessing

  • Bettors get to assess the performance of the rival teams within the first few minutes of the game
  • One gets to have an almost real experience with the match
  • Even the most reckless of bettors get a chance to hold back their money if their preferred team displays poor performance. 
  • If watching together with friends in a hall, each person gives insights on the live performance and checks it against the past so one gets a clearer view of where their bet could be safest
  • The odds keep adjusting as the game plays on which means that those who bet purely based on initial odds assigned to specific teams will have a reality check
  • You can almost confidently bet high stakes and win the bet
  • You can go across various prediction sites and see their projected outcomes live then come back to bet.
  • One can check across betting platforms including Sportpesa, Bet in, Odi bets, Bet Pawa, Betika and SportyBet to evaluate what the changes in odds say about the possible match outcome. This will guide your betting decision.
  • You can make more from live betting
  • It’s still possible to combine several matches on the same betslip to boost payout. What bttors fondly refer to as “nyongeza ya kutoa.”

The curses to flee from in live betting 

Addiction to betting

Sports betting on its own is addictive whether online or live. Live betting brings a different flavor to betting; a mixture of pleasure and desire to win making you want even more hence spending even more. You will also agree that live betting takes a lot of your time and requires a lot of dedication while paying attention to every detail. 

You may spend more 

With live betting, you might be tempted to spend more money because the offers are usually luring and unique. Moreover there is usually limited time in making predictions and placing bets with live betting. 

Considering that the odds fluctuate very quickly, you may also lose the opportunity to make cash. The tendency to engage in bet chasing further makes the situation more complicated. 

Making not so clear  judgment about the bet 

Bettors knowingly or by default apply biased when placing their bets. They usually prefer to bet in favor of their preferred teams and guided by odds. This is coupled with the fact that live betting involves a lot of intuition rather than in depth research, which in most cases does not involve a sound and sober mind.

Can be a bad idea in intrupted match livestreaming or poor signals 

Live betting is highly dependable on the internet hence the possibilities of a delay while watching the broadcast is very high. More often you will have to wait for some time before you are able to place a bet or sometimes the odds become dysfunctional to make any adjustments. For the system to stabilize, patience is key and this is obviously disappointing.   

Fredrick Awino

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