Moving to Denmark as an Au pair

Many people across the world long to travel and experience the world; Denmark included. But even as people keep this hope of traveling abroad alive, many get lost in the search for best opportunities to travel to Denmark. Indeed, the Danish strict and perceivably prohibitive Aliens Act deny many a chance of ever moving to the country. But if you’ve resolved in your mind and laid out a clear plan, It ought not be impossible moving to Denmark as an Au pair.

As you may understand, not all of us can fit in one basket on what opportunities matches our conditions. As much as someone may tell you to try applying to study in Denmark, join a cultural exchange program, opt for family reunification or other job based schemes, these may not fit your indivifual case. No wonder Au pair scheme may just be the right way for you to make an entry into Denmark and explore whatever else it has for you.

Your dream to move to Denmark answered

Are you a foreigner who wishes to learn the Danish language as well as culture? Then why not go to Denmark as an Au pair. Through that, you will be able to learn about Danish people and history. Also, it is through Au pair that you will be able to get a chance for study, travel and work abroad without the troubles of much proof of financial ability on your side. The host family will do much of the paperwork to facilitate your move. 

As an Au pair in Denmark, your tasks within the host family will basically include; looking after the kids, preparing meals, cleaning the house, doing the laundry and so forth. In other words, you will easily come across as a nanny but not exactly treated as one. Even as you work, the objectve or the program still remains to let you learn the Danish culture and see around what else you may wish to do.

Typically, host families and the Au pair targets young people, espcially ladies from countries that may not necessarily have an experience with Denmark. Those who come over as Au pair have to be within the age bracket of 18-30 years old. Most of them have just finished high school or its equivalent and now plans to get to college or university.

Althogh the Au pair has become less liberal and more strict with allowing candidates to come to Denmark, every year a good number still gets a chance. Young ladies from the Phillipines, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, South East Asia…let’s just say from all over the world.

As much as the host family will benefit from your presence, they give a stipend and take your through an aculturation journey. On the other hand, you have to actively engage in cultural learning, travelling and making useful networks.

Conditions you should meet as an Au pair in Denmark

  • Making an agreement with a Danish host family: The contract will contain the time frame in which you will stay with that family as well as when you are supposed to commence the Au pair job. 
  • You should be between 18 years to 30 years of age 
  • You are not supposed to be married or be in any civil relationship
  • As an Au pair, you should be able to communicate in English, Swedish, German or Norwegian
  • You are not supposed to have any children
  • You should not also be expecting a child 

Processing Time and fees

The processing of the AU pair can be done in a Danish embassy near you. Currently, it costs about 4320 dkk. When making an application, the documents that you need to present include a document showing the paid fees, a copy of all your passport pages, a copy of your birth certificate as well as a copy of your educational documents. 

The Advantages of being an Au pair in Denmark

As an Au pair, you will be able to get a year or even two of personal exploration. This will give you a chance to discover the things that you love and enjoy doing. Did you know that moving to a different environment will give you a new perspective?  Maybe you can also get an opportunity to reinvent yourself. 

Moreover, as a young adult, it gives you a good chance to travel abroad. As an Au pair in Denmark, you will be provided with your own room and the host will also provide you with food. This means that you won’t have to worry about getting an apartment in a new country which may be costly. 

Do you love to experience different cultures? As an Au pair in Denmark, you will get the family experience of the host. Through that, you will also get to local culture from the perspective of an insider. You might also be able to learn how to make Danish meals. 

As an Au pair in Denmark, your language skills will highly improve. This is because the host and the kids will in most cases speak in Danish. Thus, as you talk to them and go to language school, you will be able to learn Danish fast. In some cases, the kids might pinpoint your bad grammar. Don’t be mad at them, just focus on improving your language. With time, you will become an expert. 

Lastly, as an Au pair you will learn to be mature and independent. Staying in your home country may not give you the independence that you need. This is because your family will frequently visit you as they believe you cannot make it on your own. Besides, your parents may want you to stay at home till maybe you are 30. This is the age most parents believe their children can stay on their own. 

The disadvantages of being an Au pair in Denmark

Even though being an Au pair is so enjoyable, it has some limitations. One of the limitations is that working with kids may be challenging. Basically, dealing with kids is never easy. It is even worse for someone who does not have a kid where you can get some experience. At one moment, they are happy playing, the other they are sad. 

The other limitation is adjusting to a new environment and the way another family does things. For instance, Denmark is very windy. Therefore, if you are coming from a place where it is warm, you should be ready with some warm clothes. Also, you will have to adjust to the new family´s schedule, cooking, and other things. 

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