Jackpot, mini-jackpot and mega-jackpot making Kenyans overnight millionaires

Winning a jackpot could be what so many long for in today’s world where money for sure turns things around. The current inflation and bad economy really pushes so many to the margins and try their luck with bets. Ask any random Kenyan today and you’ll be sure to see their favor for betting despite shotcomings. If you win a jackpot today, how would your life be? Change, teah, that’s’right. Nowonder so many keep to betting in the hope to win.

Actually, betting addiction which has become so pronouncedcomes out more a chase for riches gone wrong. At each bet, an average Kenyan holds his or breathe waiting for a favorable outcome. Sometimes they become lucky bet winners but also experience frustrations or continue placing more bets. 

Jackpots and betting explained in details plus more on how to play them

The unemployment situation in Kenya means that everyone retreats to survival for the fittest mode. In such a self save situation, many retreat to betting and actually win big or lose astoundingly. Kenyans in one way or the other have suffered the unforgiving blow of lost bets. Some of them hoped that their lifeline lies squarely on winning the bestw which never came to be. Equally, lucky winners like Cosmos Korir , Eli Kipruto and Samuel Abisai  have become overnight millionaires courtesy of mega jackpot wins. 

Getting to decide on betting for overnight wealth

There’s obviously no medal for poverty; even if one existed, it would not be anything to bring pride. For this reason, so many people around hold firmly onto the hope of being rich, powerful and famous someday. The  Sauti Sol’s Live and Die in Afrika well animated the undying desires in the hearts of many Kenyans. 

caught up in the struggle to get a breakthrough, many people fall on betting as a likely path to wealth. To better appreciate the kind of hope that bettors attached to the glorious bets, some of them don’t spare even their last penny. They religiously give it away to their preferred betting companies anticipating a bigger win which on good days materialize but many times drown. 

Like any strong passions about the correct path to success, thinking deeply is necessary. So before clicking that jackpot bet, be know that placing all hopes on a game of probability may be disastrous. In fact, jackpot being based on sheer luck may not be the way to success. But if it does, good for you. 

What Jackpot, Mini-jackpot and Mega-jackpot mean

The mention of jackpot isn’t a strange term to many. If it’s not about the wash, then it’s a jackpot. Both have a thing in common- the life of the winner won’t remain the same. The change always comes out in a positive way with winners investing and turning their lives around.

In the betting scenes, jackpot means a large cash prize especially one that accumulates until it is won. It’s the top prize in a game or contest (such as a lottery). Winning it comes with a large sum of money to the winner. 

A mini jackpot as the name suggests represents the smallest jackpot offered by a machine. Most winners often get awarded this mini jackpot. Like their bigger siblings, mini jackpots can be either fixed or progressive in nature. In most cases the mini jackpot gets awarded to lucky winners on a daily or weekly basis.

The Mega jackpot is the grand or biggest prize in a game. Notably, the mega jackpot gets issued after a prolonged period of time. During the intervening time, enthusiastic bettors place their bets into a pool. Its out of this pooled funds that a single person or just a few get to win. Worse still, nobody ends up being the luckey one.
With the rise of technology, the world has created millions of opportunities for young people. There is endless information in that one can easily buy or sell products and make money online 

Jackpots giving Kenyans quick riches without toil?

Due to Lack of employment, Most Youths prefer the easy way out. Therefore, they have opted for shortcuts that require less effort to get quick and easy riches. These shortcuts have muted their principles and even wise counsels from the society.

The current generation don’t want tiring jobs and they lack patience in life. This has led them to getting addicted to betting to get quick and easy money. They are losing lots of money and time making few individuals billionaires. 

Kenyans have created pathways out of poverty by embracing betting on jackpots to make quick money. They are however encouraged to leave behind the mentality of ‘get-rich-quick’ to avoid disappointment. One can become a millionaire within a fortnight. Many believe this can only be achieved by identifying jackpots that have good cash prizes.

The palpable hope of winning jackpot and bets

The usershave an assurance of winning Mega jackpots if they bet constantly. This showcase of winners happens each day on telly and advertisements on radios. Jackpots have been purposely made attractive so that many bettors, Kenyans included, can join.

Betting is a win and loss game. Many have sold their assets just to gamble. Some youths have adopted it to be their full time job. The jackpots have been made easy in that one only provides the most accurate predictions to win the jackpot. Most youths have taken loans which they are unable to repay the lending agencies and friends just to place bets.

Kenyans milking gold out of  betting to become billionaires

Becoming a billionaires in Kenya through jackpots may be easy and very possible. However, it should not be done blindly. The government and individuals have claimed that one cannot make it in life as a gambler. This is true because we all agree that betting is addictive and in most cases it has led to severe consequences like causing depression and in the worst scenarios causing death. Nonetheless, there are some who have embraced this opportunity and have reaped handsomely.

The betting companies also don’t lag behind as they also make huge profits from addicted gamblers as they make few Kenyans Billionaires. This is where the irony of the matter lies. As compared to the large population of people who bet on a daily basis, only a handful become millionaires. 

Kenya mobile phone companies have also experienced growth as they aid the betting industry in placing bets through SMS and online via the mobile money platforms such as Airtel money and M-pesa. The mobile companies have played a great role in selling these betting firms to bettors and in return they also reap huge returns.

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