Top brands that make Kenyan women tick

Much can be said about Kenyan women-their stunning beauty, resilience, industry and much more. Similarly, some people may choose to argue that the Kenyan women can be so controversial.

Folks will actually tell you that understanding what really steals their hearts can be hell difficult. A recent research by BSD Group and Ipsos could be so much what we may have been waiting for. It lends us a glimpse into the fancities of the Kenyan women.

If struggling to get a perfect hold of your Kenyan girlfriend or wife, try gifting her something from her likeable brands. So, lets chime into what really would be a perfect love language or dream brand for your Kenyan girflrield or wife.

BSD Group and Ipsos report on fancy brands Kenyan women love

Recently, a report was released regarding the top brands loved by Kenyan women. Some of the top brands include Naivas, Safaricom, Mpesa, Equity, and others. Women use these brands on a daily basis. Besides, they shop in them or even utilise them in making transactions. 

As much as we may think differetly about what a report on brands that Kenyan women fancy and use, there’s definately much more to it. A marketing agent or business will move speedily to analyse what really these brands do to win so much loyalty of women.

Anyone will tell you that just as is nature of women, Kenyan women can be loyal to the core for brands that deliver to their liking. If its Equity Bank for instance, they will proudly spend hours on end marketing it by word of mouth without even knowing. That’s the coveted level of confidence women develop for specific brands of choice.

Kenyan women go for Safaricom Anyday

Safaricom is one of the top Kenyan communication companies that controls approximately 64.5% of the Kenyan market. It was formed in 1997 and was owned by Telkom Kenya. Safaricom offers some services such as voice and sms services, exceptional data, and extensive network coverage. M-pesa being one of the services offered by Safaricom,  is the most preferred brand by women for its security, reliability, and convenience. 

Equity Bank 

Equity bank is an incorporated, registered, and domiciled bank in Kenya. The bank offers some services such as savings & investment, accounts opening, loans , digital mobile banking, payments and transfers, and insurance. It offers women loans and banking services.


Airtel is the second largest telecommunications service provider after Safaricom in Kenya. It has about 16.2 million subscribers and this is about 27.2% of the Kenyan market share.  It previously operated as Kencell, Celtel, and Zain before it officially rebranded to Airtel back in November 2010. They offer services such as voice calls, data, mobile money, and digital labs loved by Kenyan women.


M-pesa is a mobile phone-based money transfer service, payments, and microfinancing service. It is the largest mobile network provider in Kenya. However, it later expanded to different countries such as Tanzania, DRC, Lesotho, Mozambique, Ghana, Egypt, Afghanistan, and South Africa. 

The service allows its customers to send and receive money, deposit and withdraw, pay bills, purchase airtime, save money in your account, and borrow money from fuliza. The fuliza option mainly comes when one wants  to complete transactions when one has less amount in his /her account. 

Naivas Supermarket 

Naivas supermarket was registered on 24 July 1990 and it traded as a Rongai Self service store. Later, the name changed to Naivas self-service stores limited and rebranded to the current Naivas limited. This happened in 2007.

It is the largest supermarket chain in Kenya with 84 outlets as of June 2022. Besides, Naivas supermarket owns and operates retail outlets. This company deals in a variety of products such as furniture, groceries, food items, toiletries and hygiene, and other household products. Women prefer Naivas supermarkets over others like Carrefour. This is because it normally uses locally assembled products while Carrefour depends on imports thus making them costly as compared to Naivas.

Samsung “Designed For Humans”

Samsung is a multinational company. However, it is among the top brands loved by Kenyan women.  Some of the products that Samsung provides include automotive, chemicals, home appliances, telecommunications equipment, flash memory chips, electronic components, medical equipment, clothing, consumer electronics, and many more. Most Kenyan women love their products since they are of good quality and very durable. 


The coca-cola company was founded on January 29, 1892, in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. by John Stith Pemberton and Asa Griggs Candler. It is one of the international companies that has been in Kenya for the longest time. The company deals in so many products, especially drinks. 

The company has since empowered women through investing in women’s economic empowerment thus improving livelihoods for the women, their families, and also to the entire community.  For instance, if you want to commence selling soft drinks, they will offer you a fridge to help you store the sodas. 

Toyota taking Kenyan women Places

Toyota is one of the automotive manufacturers and also one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the whole world. The Toyota company produces about 10 million vehicles per year. Kenyan women prefer Toyota cars over others because of different reasons such as having impressive resale value, introducing driver-assist technologies, interior comfort, fuel efficiency, durability, best reliability, most innovation, and many more.

Probably you gonna gift her a Toyota this time round?


The National Hospital Insurance Fund ( NHIF) is a Kenyan government state corporation. It was established in 1967 as a department in the ministry of health. NHIF has the mandate to provide affordable, accessible, quality health insurance and sustainable health insurance to all Kenyan citizens. Its main product is health insurance. Most women love NHIF since its cover caters to all medical treatment and services provided by or on the order of a clinician to the member . 

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