Kenyan ladies staying trendy and fashionable despite a biting economy

That the economy keeps pressing us hard isn’t a doubt o yet Kenyan ladies still manage to step out so trendy and fashionable, A typical Kenyan knows too well what impressions, right or wrong appearing fashionable creates- the smell of money.

In fact the Kenyan city girls and celebs dress to kill it not only with their perfectly fitting outfits but also a splash of cologne and makeup. Maybe this couts among their tactics ofcreating something good out of a tough economy.

But then what really influences ladies wardrobe choices for the day?

Kenyan ladies remain tip tops when it comes to dressing for occasions and events

Some may argue about the space of Kenyan women in East African or Africa at large. But truth be told, they fly high in so many ways. A number of the captains of industry in the continent are Kenyanwomen and that alone makes them stand out. Nowonder they’ve become a hot cake out there.

They will always show up extremely goreous and irresistible

Today’s Kenyan women remain highly self aware, active, educated, comparatively independent and go getters than ever before. But aside from their great achievements and accolades, they also create an aura of romance around them. One way they do this is cleverly and particularly picking their clothes for the day. you may wonder where they buy such perfectly fitting and sexy clothes that they wear or how much it costs them but they will pull out in perfect shape for each occasion-no guesswork here. 

My outfit, my everything-your Kenyan females know it better

Talk to any Kenyan woman especially about an outfit and the remarks would with finality state that this is what actually defines them. It is a topic that gladdens their hearts and goes on for a while especially after glamorous events and the talks would be about who wore what. 

For a Kenyan lady , it’s not simply about “my dress my choice” or “dressing to kill.” They will likely pull your attention their way and naughty men will often ogle around and drool for them. This doesn’t mean that ladies dressed well always want to get men’s attention but then who doesn’t fidget at the sight of a typical Kenyan lady whose every bit seems put together?

Wardrobe choices for Kenyan men and women

A keen observer of the fashion scene in Kenya must have already picked a few cases of misses and hits in dressing among the public figures. haven’t you seen people making funny comments about Riggy G’s tailor or brother Francis Atwoli’s millions worth of suits? Forget about what amounts they flaunt to have used in buying them and focus on how the outfit looks on them.

All about clubbing and partying-every clothing for its ocassion

On the flip side, haven’t you seen Sanaipei Tande, Yvonne Okwara, Betty Kyallo, Millicent Omanga out in their outfits? You may once in a while criticize them for revealing outfits but by and large, they still stand out in their own ways. There may be a few mentions but the truth of the matter is that so many less popular Kenyan ladies perfectly choose their clothes in ways that may easily make them appear super expensive. 

1. Carefully selected clothing to be trendy and fashionable

Check around and you’ll notice that your female workmates, schoolmates and friends rarely redo the same outfits. In each of them, they will appear more than just decent, beyond gorgeous to say the least. So, we can safely conclude that women will spare nothing when it comes to going for the most trendy outfits no matter how large their wardrobes already are. 

The worst dream or thoughts of any woman is to step out and people seem to only make funny gazes at them. Should they manage to win the much needed attention and get compliments about their dressing for the day, then they will melt inwardly. So let’s take a closer look at what would commonly determine a Kenyan woman’s choice of dressing for the day. 

2. The day’s weather influences wardrobe choices 

One thing that really favors dressing choices among Kenyans is the relatively good and warm weather. Those who’ve experienced the temperate temperatures will surely confess that we have the best weather to freely select from a wide range of clothing designs. Even in bad weather, the ideal outfit for the day will be worn but covered with protective ones awaiting the weather to normalize.  

One factor that determines the appropriateness of an outfit is the weather. It is true that weather changes overtime during the course of the day so checking on the updates of weather forecasters and also trusting on your instincts serves a great deal. 

On a hot sunny day women often go for looser and freer styles of dressing which are sleeveless or short sleeved. The outfits will also have bright colors to reflect the sun’s rays and the fabric will more often be made of cotton linen or jersey. Such outfits let the skin sweat easily, prevents a pool of sweat which obviously irritates and leaves the body cool. Likewise, during the cold season heavy dressing is the most convenient including warm pants, gloves, woolen sweaters among many others.

3. The nature of occasion to be attended

Most Kenyan men, although fashionable to a great extent, don’t necessarily bother so much about specifically dressing for the occasion. You may see someone like former governor of Nairobi Mike Mbuvi Sonko displaying his bling bling filled up wardrobe and expect that every time he steps out,everything gives to the occasion. Yes, he may be classy and shinier with his colorful clothes and jewelry but they may not necessarily match up to the particular occasion.

Trendy and fashionable for the ocassion-no guesswork here

In Europe, ladies may not get too detailed about matching things like the theme of the event. Instead, they tend to remain trendy and fashionable too. Generally, they take their time to be neat and weight the weight of the event itself. For instance, burial processions in Europe feature black themes and white for religious events or weddings. 

A whole list of events and carefully selected outfits to remain trendy and fashionable

In Kenya, ladiestoday have a long diary of to-attend occasions that never mattered so much in the past. They have gender reveal, baby shower, birthday, spouse introduction (betrothal). They also have their chamas, home visits and road trips to make. In each of these, you’ll be surprised to realize that they have a planned dress code. 

Changing attires in between events to keep the relevance

Where women have to attend a mix of formal and informal events, they won’t mind carrying a blend of clothes. They will shortly pull out dressed differently in just a matter of a few minutes. This probaby best explains the good essence of a well furnished workplace or public lavatories plus changing rooms. 

Regardless, on each occasion women have their preferences and tastes. For instance during religious ceremonies, women tend to keep away from anything low cut, short or clingy. This is not the case with other casual events such as dinner parties or weddings where they will rather shift to stylish dresses. Obviously, such glamorous events will push one into going for the flashy and glitz.

4. Color of the apparel means loads for most Kenyan women

A Kenyan lady or woman will for once make you realize that clothes aren’t just fabrics to cover nakedness. They will carefully ensure that the coloring of outfits represent their individual tastes and match the image of each occasion. 

For women, being trendy and fashionable entails a whole list of things. For instance, just like the choice of makeup to put on, the colors of their wardrobe choices largely rhym with their skin tone. The attended event also has a role in determining color of outfits the ladies settle on. 

Nothing like unintended color clashing for Kenyan ladies. If they do it then it may be accidental but in all, the color of their outfits predict the mood for some specific occasions. Of coursea single color can have multiple meanings in reality. But, as much as possible, the women make sure that the coloring highly matches the general theme of the to be attended event.

5. Outfit must go hand in hand with the choice of accessories 

Forget about the maasai ornaments and adornments that remain a signature mark for Kenya tourist attraction. Kenyan ladies will not only go for the best of their clothes matching the event; they will try as much as possible to make sure that they match the accompanying trendy and fashionable accessories. 

Any Kenyan woman stepping out of the home comes out as a package of intentionally chosen dressing. Whether its about attending a function, going to work or just running some random errands, they much nail it. Aside from going for the best nail work and hairdressing around, they will visit the cosmetics shop and pick pocket friendly yet attractive accessories. 

These women know way too well that well selected body accessories complements your dressing. An outfit without any accessory makes everything less glamorous and may be dull.  As a matter of fact, accessories display the personal style, taste and preferences which completes each of the selected outfits. 

When the outfit turns out to be flashy and detailed, simple accessories like a necklace will be the best complement. For a dull choice of clothing, showy and quite intricate accessories will seal the day. They will have an assortment of hanging earrings, flashy belt or even bangles ready for any occasion.

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