Love compliments keep her hinged; don’t be fooled otherwise

When we see celebrity marriages and otherwise perfect matches falling apart like a house of cards, the first thing most people do is point fingers. Like we are all surprised to see fine women like Betty Kyallo, Maureen Waititu, Janet Mbugua, name them calling it quits on their marriages. When such otherwise decoartaed marriages falling apart, we have a lot of questions than answers lingering in our minds. Were they not getting the love compliments? Was it about cheating? What’s the last stroke that broke the camel’s back? Who takes the blame?

Actually, so many singles have pointed out such divorces as an inspiration for not submitting to love anyone. Aside from the often discussed causes of the separation, you will likely realize that the fire of compliments for wife that keep her feeling loved dimmed way back and the relationship has for long been on hard grinding. 

Love reigns here and you can let it sink in smoothly

As a factcheck, both men and women in a relationship need to feel loved equally but then women are more socialized to expecting affirmation from their lovers. So,a gentleman worth his salt ought not to have qualms about being expected to give out more to let the experience be more fulfilling. 

She needs the gestures, compliments for affirmation 

So many harsh judgements have been passed against young ladies choosing to go the intergenerational love way. They have their older men and don’t give a damn about whatever the society says about them because for them, whatever comes out of such a relationship bests anything else. Maybe it’s for the money but then there’s likely a component of compliments that come flying, however flattery some may be. 

Kenyan women are increasingly self aware and more assertive than ever before. You won’t expect one who’s been well educated and knows her place to just sit back waiting for whatever may come by. Instead, they may just behave as being tolerant but inside, the fiery fire of a woke woman burns-it will burst out someday and may be the divorce. 

May seem petty and childish but it’s the grease for your relationship

Straight on, the sometimes seemingly stupid gestures and compliments. you give means loads to your partner, wife. Those small things that others may quickly dismiss as pettiness and childish prove to be what you need to irrigate your relationship, turning around bad days to pleasant bliss. 

She’s beautiful and lovely, yes…that we can all see and appreciate but it slurps differently when you remind her of the same. That’s what it is. In the unwritten encyclopedia of how lto love your wife, girlfriend, never miss this part if it’s supposed to last. For no reason at all, just compliment her then see the feedback. 

Whole person compliments for your spouse, girlfriend

Normalize using such statements to be appreciative of your wife, girlfriend. Try to be as genuine and unprovoked as possible so that the intended emotions flow your way. Here are some hints;

Make her feel the full bliss and a beautiful scar
  • Mention her kindness 
  • Touch a thing or two about her beauty; her shape or part of her body
  • Recount her perseverance 
  • Remind her what difference their presence mean to you 

Narrow down to and mention something about her achievements

Kenyan women like the rest anywhere else get excited when praised on their achievements. They deserve to be complimented on what they have done. Here is a list of thoughtful compliments you can use to show love to that Kenyan woman: 

  • Express the passion you have about what she does  
  • Politely tease her to evoke the pleasant emotions 
  • Assert her confidence 

Spotlight on her personal traits and relationships

Kenyan women don’t like to be compared. They like unique compliments to their achievements. For example, always ensure your compliments are sincere and thoughtful. Women understand that it takes a lot of courage to bare your heart to her as the most important person in your life. 

Compliments on Romantic interest

Best compliments come from the heart. It is more effective and makes a person feel loved, good, valued and appreciated. As the Kenyans call it ‘sure bet’. There is no doubt it compliments work on women. 

Its only love, too much love shinning brightly here

Many Kenyan women have been lured into romantic relationships by compliments. They are assured of the expressions made on them and fall in love again and again with their partners. Here are some quick tips:

Compliment on creativity and resourcefulness

If you want to compliment your partner on her ideas, how she cooks or any other skill, try to make it significant on the overall well-being. For example;

  • Your creativity and artistic ability just blow my mind.
  • You are extraordinary and can accomplish anything.
  • I always like your ideas.
  • You are wise.


Women generally love to feel cherished and treasured and Kenyan women are not an exemption in this. They love praises and to feel noticed. To build a healthy relationship with a Kenyan woman, give out genuine compliments to enhance continuous connection.  It is therefore essential to know how to give a woman the right kind of compliment so as not to sound offensive.

These are just a few compliments you can give your woman. Go ahead and try using some of the compliments and you will thank me later!

Fredrick Awino

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