Food delivery and takeaway restaurants in Kenya lets you enjoy delicacies from anywhere 

For a long time, Kenyans loved cooking their own food at home,gathering around the dining table to eat and chitchat. But that isn’t a common case today as people get caught up in extremely busy routines. Busy as we may be, the longing to eat finger licking dishes remain. Its here that food delivery services come to the picture and sorts out all your food needs.

Food deliveries today are all over in places such as Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa, Kisumu. They let you get appetizing meals delivered to your comfort. It doesn’t really matter whether you need the food brought to you at home, workplaces or anywhere within a reasonable radius, it will definitely reach you.

With the current unemployment and high cost of living, some self trained as well as professional chiefs have taken to their kitchens. Everyday, these hardworking Kenyans prepare different delicacies ranging from traditional cuisine to exotic or blended ones.

With the best chefs in town, those who never find ample time to cook or would just love to taste differently cooked meals get sorted. As you may understand, boiled eggs bought on the roadside never tastes similar to one you prepare at home (just for example). 

Relying on food delivery and takeaway services to cut costs

Life in the city keeps getting tougher and everyone has to find their own ways of sailing through. While those who don’t mind spending an extra penny on refilling cooking gas, buying cooking oil, purchasing cooking flour and all other cooking ingredients may choose to do so and cook from home, others can’t just afford it.

In most cases, the youth who move to the city to start life after completing their studies merely wish to get a foothold of life. They are in their 20s, 30s or at most 40s and still not so much into raising families as income still remains a challenge. Some who only have young families of lets say one child have to magically split their meager income from an entry level job  for so many needs leaving them with just too little to guarantee home-cooked meals each day. 

Consider your individual situation and realities 

If the family size and circumstances become reasonable, you may realize that using takeaway options or home delivery saves not only time but also expenditures. For instance, people who live together in shared rooms don’t necessarily have the luxury to keep cooking each day. In case cooking becomes necessary, disagreements on who to do always rage. So the quickest fix for that could be a takeaway option. 

In case you’re in doubt on how best to handle your expenses, pose for a minute and check if it’s the food delivery or takeaway option that you may need to redeem yourself. Some may choose only to cook easy meals from home but go the restaurant way for more detailed delicacies. Most of these detailed meals would take a lot of time and ingredients. 

Nairobi, Kisumu,Mombasa, Nakuru, check out food delivery or takeaways

Do you live in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Nkuru or any major town in Kenya? You don’t necessarily have to cook from your kitchen everyday. Like you would chooe on your lazy days to just step out and eat at the restaurant, you can mke the order online. Same aromatic delicacies get delivered to you at a reasonable fee. 

Maybe a friend has visited or you made a house party for your colleagues. Having to handle cooking for many people can be tough which then makes it more convenient to click a few buttons, place an order and give your delivery details. In a matter of minutes, the meal will be brought well packaged ready for you to just savor. You can also continue to select and add onto your basket some assortment of exotic wine to grease the throat in readiness for the meal. 

Some people who choose to only narrowly look at food delivery choices may arge that it promotes laziness. You know in the traditional Kenyan culture there’s pride attached to someone being able to prepare own meal. But tbe that as it may, times have changed and we never have all teh time on our hands to boil beans, cook chapatis, prepare githeri, properly cook kienyeji veggies or chicken. 

Having food delivered at home allows you time to rejuvenate

Ordinarily, by the time a hardworking Nairobi resident gets to finish a workday, hr or she is literally haggard. The thought of having to again walk across the streets just looking for the favorite restaurants, dodging cars, human and motorbikes sickens.

In the sprit of letting the money work for you, smart Kenyans would rather give the job to delivery services. Actually, the cost of food delivery services may not even be high so no complaints about wastage. With the internet and a smartphone in hand, you get completely sreted out.

So many established restaurants in Kenya today have their websites and link to different delivery services such as Bolt, Uber eats, Ayazona, Glovo and many more. All you need is to ensure that the chosen delivery service for a fact picks the order right from the chosen restaurant. 

Get to choose from a variety of meals

A lot of Kenyans today fancy trying out new cuisines such as Pizza, Lasagna, Dürüm, dumplings, and more. The food deliveries lets you choose some of these meals from the restaurants that specialize in a wide range of gastronomy.  Burgers, sandwiches, fries, the Chinese and European dishes have also become so common. 

Regardless, there are so many take away food joints in Kenyan major towns and cities  offering a wide range of food choices.

To guide your choice of food delivery plug, focus on these aspects;

  • The menu 
  • Food pricing 
  • Delivery time and cost 
  • Customer service and support
  • Packaging 

Food joints  that link with delivery services  in Kenya 

International brands

Kentucky fried chicken (KFC)-offers highly rated fried chicken. They also offer snacks such as chips and drinks all at affordable prices. In Nairobi they have branches in junction mall, Galleria mall and several others around the CBD.

Chicken Inn- here customers to order chicken burgers, chips, fried chicken, beef burgers, chicken bites, and roasted rotisserie chicken. Other variety of meals are also available at pocket friendly prices.

Java house- Java  never disappoints with its variety of well-balanced nutritious meals. Their menu is inclusive of chapati, beef, turkey and cheese sandwich, cinnamon latte, Thai green chicken curry, pizza and cake. They have several branches around the city to choose from.

Local brands

CJ’s restaurant- offers a variety of local and western meals for breakfast, main meals, desserts and drinks. Here, you order a full meal, well balanced, nutritious and freshly prepared

Open house restaurant-popular for its variety of delicious Indian dishes. Their dishes come cooked according to the customer’s preferences include vegetables, seafood, chicken and mutton. 

Jiko foods-offers African variety of foods and emphasizes on the traditional African methods of cooking. The foods come spiced with ingredients from across Africa. 

Mawimbi seafood restaurantspecializes in seafood including sashimi bowls, quemao cevinche, crab, tuna, and octopus and pez tartare.

K’ osewe Ronalo restaurant-popular for traditional local meals which includes fish, beef, chicken, goat meat and Nile perch. All these normally come served with ugali or rice.

Kilimanjaro jamia-Kilimanjaro Jamia does not disappoint in its variety of dishes. It offers foods ranging from its continental, Somali, Indian, Arabic, African and many more dishes. 

Mama Oliech’s restaurant- here you get a mix of tasty, delicious fish, traditional veggies and ugali.

Azuri restaurant and café-You won’t regret ordering your food from Azuri. With its variety provisions to choose from you can have local meals or fast foods. You get beef fry mukimo, butterfly pork chops served with rice, githeri special, chicken Biryani, chicken with chips.

Mama Ashanti-If you desire to have an experience with the West African food this remains the plug. The dishes are authentic and have the west African touch, aroma, and aesthetics.

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