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Cooking is not a thing that everyone fancy to engage in. Even for those that find it interesting spending hours on end at their kitchens making some detailed and multiple course meal, it can’t be an everyday thing. With more restaurants now allowing takeaway and food delivery options, it then becomes a good option to go by that possibility instead of enduring the kitchen heat or to save the constrained time. 

In the bustling city of Nairobi, time is always of essence but that doesn’t take away the cravings for a long list of delicacies. With the great internet services in Kenya and almost everyone having a smartphone at hand, restaurants and food delivery service providers are just a screen tap away. 

Get both traditional and exotic cuisines delivered at your doorstep, office space

Food is a sensitive thing and you just like someone else would love to eat the best quality at the correct timing. Again, as a consumer, one has to remain highly alert about handling of the food. This has to a priority right from the kitchens and throughout the delivery process so that hygiene flaws don’t occur.

As someone looking out to regularly or even just once in a while order food delivery online, you want to choose a service that has hygiene as top priority. You can’t really micromanage but at least the monopoly of choice on which restaurant or food delivery service to use lies squarely in your hands. 

Food carrier services in Kenya deliver all types of foods, from traditional/local to fast foods. Delivery of a variety of cakes from the more traditional chocolate cakes, pizzas, fruitcakes, and many more.

More than ever, do not worry about your next meal because of bad traffic, busy schedules in the office, working late or when organising for picnics. It is now easy, thanks to technology. The process of finding the best food carrier service that suits your needs and preferences may be quite challenging.  However, with the options below, it is easy to identify with a carrier service for take away food in Nairobi.

Popular food deliveries in Nairobi

The culture of ordering food from restaurants online instead of eating right at the premises or having to drive through as in KFC or Burger King is gaining momentum in Kenya. So from the convenience of your house, just pick up the mobile phone, laptop or tablet,. With that mobile phone, search and choose a preffered restaurant, buy food and get it delivered. 

1. Jumia food deliveries

Imagine having a load of work with your colleagues and you finally have some little time off to have a bite. No need to worry about where to get meals because the magic is with Jumia foods, all the time dedicated to the delivery of good services. 

It has its outlets in major towns and cities in Kenya. Take away food will be delivered to you on time. They offer all types of food, including our Kenyan Traditional delicacies. 

The service provider has  a website that gives an opportunity to the customer to order food from other restaurants around Nairobi. These restaurants include KFC Westlands, Artcafe Oval, Java House Westlands and Debonair Pizza. 

2. Galitos food delivery

You never get disappointments ordering through the Galitos website. First, the website has a high level of user friendlines that accommodates all. BDon’t expect any extra charges when placing orders on Galitos food delivery

Also, the food pricing stands clearly on the website to clear all your doubts about costs. To top it all, they offer a variety of foodstuffs including tasty fried chicken and hand-cut chips freshly made for your liking.

3. Domino’s pizza delivery

If you have the love for pizza, Domino’s Pizza is your one stop place. Dominos speciality is pizza, including Meat Pizza, Barbeque Pizza, Hot Dog Bites Pizza or the Big Flavour Dipper Pizza. 

You can simply place an order through the Domino Pizza app available in playstore or through their website. On their end, they ensure that deliveries reach your place in minutes. You also don’t need to worry about side dishes as there are provisions of various pleasing delicacies like chicken wings served with the pizza.

4. Glovo Kenya

Glovo has turned out to be one of the most competitive courier services in Kenya. It makes purchases, pickups and delivery of products upon order through its mobile delivery app. While using the Glovo mobile app, you get a variety of the best take away foods to choose from.

Other than the popular food deliveries, Glovo also serves in delivering groceries, pharmaceuticals, beauty products and supermarket goods. Their partnership with the best renowned restaurants, grocery stores and supermarkets make them on top.

5. Yum food deliveries

This food service ranks among the most competent online platforms which offer food deliveries and groceries within Nairobi. This provider has proven to be reliable, efficient and have excellent customer service making it rank high. The availability of diverse menu from your most preferred food joints and restaurants makes it incredible. You can easily pick and order at your convenience. 

No worries at all about payment. Its possible to pay upon delivery through the use of credit card, MPESA or simply giving out solid cash. Yum’s connection with Nairobi’s best restaurants and groceries stores reassures you of their highstandards.

6. Uber Eats

You can simply order for any meals or foodstuff through uber eats and have it delivered right to your door in the most convenient manner. UberEats offers a diverse range of dishes from snacks to full meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner from your favourite restaurants in Nairobi creating a long lasting customer experience.

7. The good food company 

The good food company aspires to deliver fresh, well balanced and nutritious meals at your doorstep. It is one of the best and renowned food delivery companies in Nairobi operating on a 24-hour time scale. You can order delicious sandwiches, a mix of fresh vegetables or just healthy wraps not to forget fully packed meals which could either be local, Italian or Indian dishes. 

8. Chandarana Foodplus 

Chandarana foodplus is a carrier service that care for the pockets of its customers as it gives great discounts. This delivery carrier service is well known for fresh food, bakery, frozen food and drinks. Food ordered before 2 pm are delivered on the same day. 

9. Take it easy Kenya 

Take it easy Kenya is one of the newest and best online delivery platforms bringing in fresh, fascinating innovations and products in the market. You can almost order anything from fully packed meals including continental dishes to refreshing drinks like soda pops.

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