Onestop, budget shopping in Eastleigh for college students

Only brainy maneuvers can guarantee a college or campus student enjoyable study sessions in Kenya. Ask any other person who’s gone through campus or college and it will be clear that its never an easy sail. As a smart student, you will find it extremely necessary to master intelligents shopping tactics. Gikomba, Muthurwa, Kamukunji and Toy market come handy to afford students a classy look on a budget. But, shopping in Eastleigh beats them all as it can be your onestop shopping destination.

Personal needs, the struggle to fit in a particular lifestyle, alluring bourgeoisie living all crowd the realities of a Kenyan student. These experiences risk throwing vulnerable students off balance making some of them to venture out of studies into sugar dating, highly demanding off-campus jobs or even completely dropping out.

Eastleigh shopping areas give students a classy look they desire

Every student longs to have an exquiste look. Ita normal that a students longs to keep pace with the ever changing fashion choices even if it means splashing their entire HELB loan on it. But faced with the need to spend the little pocket money on just way too many things, being prudent and frugal is an option that promised every student a smoother living in college.

To keep within your lean budget and avoide uncessary stress while still keeping with the classy look, checking out for budget shopping areas means loads. No wonder some move with speed to master the hideouts and shopping plugs in Nairobi where nice stuff get sold at a pocket friendly prices.

Eastleigh has become synonymous with budget shopping for students and the working class in Nairobi. Students from the University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, city colleges and satrelleite campuse frequent Eastlegh to buy their dream outfits. The terrific combination of affordability, high quality and convenience makes the bustling business estate a true magnate.

Eastleigh shopping gives buyers a wide selection

As a campus or college girl, you definately want to stand out. Like many Kenyan ladies would say, dress like you mean to step out as the real queen. Most campus and college ladies will also want to splash the fragrant cologne and adorn trendy fashions in town.

Campus and college gents also go for the exquisite custom made suits, sneakers, fitting blazers and look-rich sneakers available in the market. To achieve all these on a budget, shopping in Eastleigh gives the best deal.

Sample of the nice outfits you can sample and buy in Eastleigh

In the current situatin, every student just have to be tactful and smart on how to carry on a lietyle. When it comes to purchasing their clothes, makeup, jewellery, bedding and many more, being frugal pays. In a few weeks of getting enrolled in the universities and colleges around Nairobi, many students should already have known that shopping in Eastleigh saves their budget. 

Tricks that smart students can use to save money when shopping in Eastleigh

Nobody wants to read any more of the news that university and college girls choose go for sugar dating to support their life. Equally, we’re sick and tired of younger students turning to be ben tens in exchange for funding their lives in school. Why do these if shopping in eastleigh can give you so much at way so low budget?

The first time you set foot in Eastleigh, the shopping malls will strike you. In fact, the impression that comes out of the bustling business environment in the estate gives a clear impression of a real one stop shopping destination. 

As a college student, your main goal is to save every penny but not at the expense of looking elegant. Remember it’s at this time you may land a job, a lover or just create a positive impression among your lecturers. So, looking good on a shoestring budget is a tactic which has to be honed. If you’re at this point right now, let’s sail together.

1. Buy items in bulk and get discounts

Assuming that you need clothes, the trendy apparels that will make you stand out, be watchful. Such nicely looking clothes may be expensive but if you buy in  bulk, it’s possible to get a quantity discount. So how do you do this when in reality you only need to buy one cloth at a time?

The best way to achieve bulk purchase in eastleigh and get the discount on it is collective buying. Let’s say you have 5 friends who together want to buy denim jeans, sweatpants or hooded blazers. These are enough people to gather and buy all at once.

Something with shops in eastleigh is that you may not need to buy exactly the same kind of item to get a quantity discount. In fact, they may end up selling to you at a wholesale price for just buying three items no matter the type. 

Get every amazing discount on your purchases in Eastleigh

Do this, gather your friends together, know what each person wants to buy and when they need it. Once all of you agree, put the money together and visit the eastleigh shopping malls which give amazing offers. It may be a tough one bringing fellow students together for bulk buying but once you get a clique who really needs to save, it ought not be as difficult.

2. Make window shopping rounds in Eastleigh

The greatest blunder students often make when going to buy in Eastleigh is blind shopping. Whenever most students get money from loans or upkeep sent by parents, they rush to buy their dream clothes and many more.

There’s nothing wrong with using your money to really purchase an item(s)  that have been on your wish list for a long time. But, just be sure not to lose even a penny in the process of buying if you could save it.

Make it a habit to just drop in at the many shops in Eastleigh and ask for prices of whatever it is that you’d like to buy soon. By knowing the prices early enough, yu get to adjust your budget and if possible, identify perfect substitutes which could turn out to be even cheaper.

Assuming you’ve chosen to go by our first advice of buying together with friends, window shopping will save much time. Imagine you walking to Eastleigh with a clear idea which shop has the best offers for whatever each of you need. Isn’t that just so much fun? Of course it is. 

When window shopping, just practice a good approach so that you don’t work up the shop attendants only to say you’ll come back later. This habit of bargaining intensively s if ready to buy right there and then may annoy the somali shopkeepers in eastleigh. Just ask for the best price and stop at that. You will definitely get a chance to bargain even more on the day you come ready to buy. 

3. Compare prices across several shops

Eastleigh has so many shops and even other sellers along the streets. Of course the quality and prices of whatever they sell differ widely. So as a buyer, you have a chance to choose from a wide variety of items. 

Even if you had initially done your window shopping, don’t just walk straight to one shop and pick whatever items from the shelves. Each day comes with new changes which may just affect prices of whatever you’d love to buy. 

Amazing discounts and great offers in Eastleigh

If you’ve gone out shopping with friends in Eastleigh, the best thing would be to spread out and ask for prices then strategically compare them. Eventually, you’d likely have saved a good amount sometimes to the tune of thousands. 

4. Embrace off-season buying

It may not come out so prominently but there’s always a pattern in which the cost of apparels and different types of clothing changes. While Esteleigh may still beat so many shopping areas on pricing, they tend to change their prices around christmas festivities, new year and Valentine’s day.

If you’re dating on campus or college, you don’t need to wait until very close to a special day to buy. Equally, buy your best Christmas clothes as early as September or so. Eventually, so many things you’d love to have will cost much less off season. The same goes to buying warm clothing around the chilly seasons in Nairobi. 

What makes Eastleigh a onestop for college students

Being a Kenyan student requires one to be on the top of so many things. Aside from being focused on getting good grades on the study program, it’s necessary to find ways to get affordable foodstuff and dress well.

Interestingly, Eastleigh shopping malls and shops have almost everything that a college student may need to have. From pocket friendly designer clothes to wholesale foodstuff, the one stop shopping experience doesn’t need to get any better. 

Its noteworthy that Eastleigh shopping areas have so many items on sale and at different prices which gives students a variety to choose from. In any single visit to shop in Eastleigh, chances remain high that you will at least get something you need for the money you have. Nothing beats such a possibility where buyers never walk away with empty hands. 

Best shopping premises students can look for in Eastleigh 

Its tough; almost impossible to pinpoint any one outlet that will satisfy a buyer wholly. Its safe to mention that each shop may have something that gets you hooked. However, it would be amazing to walk into a place that gives a variety of items to choose from. With that, its easier to identify something that falls within your personal budget.

Should you be planning a next visit too easily or need to advise someone about an impending shopping visit, these premises should appear in the list. Of course, there’s always a room to explore many other locations and craft a singular unique shopping experience in Eastleigh

  • Swan shopping center
  • Eastleigh market
  • Hedge end retail park
  • Eastleigh high street

For more details on shopping malls and premises worth visiting, read:experience shopping in eastleigh, nairobi

Eastleigh shopping malls have it all 

When journalist Timothy Otieno made a debut with his show Area Code, he featured Eastleigh. His account for the estate never did so much on the business identity but we now plug that bit. In the sprawling Eastleigh business streets and malls, you can get literally everything.

Whether you’re a newly admitted student or moving in with a boyfriend to a vacant house after completion of studies, Eastleigh gets you sorted. From household items to furniture, bedding, it, you get it all displayed for purchase in Eastleigh. 

You can easily get to buy nicely looking  households such as a bed pillows, sheets, microwave, couch, curtains which is also nice. In Eastleigh there can’t be any disappointment at all.They offer all this in plenty and also at affordable prices which suits the students expectations.

Saving up enough  money as a student to buy dream stuff may be a tough cookie. However, its possible to visit some of the best markets in Nairobi with whatever amount and expect to get something. Like Eastleigh,Gikomba and even Muthurwa will never disappoint. 

You don’t need to scratch your head bald thinking of how to cope with the highly demanding college life. All one needs to do is cut the coat to your own size and make everything fall within the limited budget. After all, there’s indeed something that matches your budget if only you check well for it.

A final takeaway

It’s not easy to be a college or university student in Kenya especially when the economy gets so tough. It would pay off for a smart student who finds ways of getting more affordable ways to lead a good lifestyle.

As a newly admitted student or even continuing one, don’t remain so glued on buying highly expensive stuff to look classy. Where is even the money to buy the high end clothes or electronics? The ideal deal would be to visit Eastleigh shops and buy affordably. 

Easteligh wins in so many areas including affordability, variety and convenience which matches what a typical student would love. Get shopping in Eastleigh and save money in the process. 

Fredrick Awino

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