Headstart for fun-filled vacation in Kenya 

Taking time off for a vacation in Kenya’s exotic and amazing destinations is always a hit. You’re assured of creating great memories worth a lifetime. Yes, life has become super busy these days with everyone pacing fast in career, education, research and many other engagements but a holiday also matters. As you embark on planning for a holiday in Kenya, it’s the right time to now get a clear idea on how to make it as enchanting as possible. We proudly share the tips that hook you up with the best of experiences you stand to have in Kenya.

Sunset over the Savannah grasslands of Kenya

Just to get you a snipped view of Kenya, teh country has a great mix of places to visit. You get the exclusive opportunity to see the big five at close range, take a roadtrip, drive through the game parks and more. If you’re attracted to trying the different culinary choices that represent the diversity of the country, that too is on the table. In brief, all you may need is the time, a plan and definitely some few bucks in the bank to spend. 

Getting the best vacation in Kenya  

When Kenya gets ranked among the top tourist destinations in Africa, it’s merited. As soon as you jet into the country and possibly take a cab into the different parts of the country, excitement just begins to flow naturally. The bubbliness of the people, vibrant and resilient children upon women. The roads snake through some of the breathtaking landscapes anyone may ever long for. 

Should you choose to get an aerial view of Kenya on board a light aircraft or local airlines, the images from up there will be nothing less than surreal. Nowonder more and more locals join the bandwagon of traveling to experience their motherland. Actually there’s been a drastic change as local Kenyans teem and troop into attractions or facilities which previously dominated by foreign tourists. Maybe you too can add to this pleasant change of culture towards vacationing. 

The spleandor of flamingos in L. Bogoria, L.Nakuru

For those turning up on vacation for the first time, there are definitely some destinations in Kenya that have become so common. Talk about Maasai Mara, Kwale, Lamu, Mount Kenya and so on. These have been frequented and documented as great places to chill and enjoy your time off usual activities. 

Karibu Kenya; magical kenya presents  you with unimaginable experience of nature,people, cultures 

On your landing at the Jomo Kenyatta international airport; the gateway to magical Kenya, its time to sigh. Why so? Because you’re just about to experience nature at best and more, just get ready for it. The wildlife that you may have seen on African Savanna safaris documentaries or NatGeo actually can be found in Kenya. Any Kenyan who has clicked with the idea of taking vacations, Kenya will amaze you with its great offerings. Just road trips and nature walks alone will keep you , you enchanted.

Even as you usher your expectations into the world of realities, it’s a must emphasis to do everything correctly. A fitting strategy and plan will make your vacations in Kenya as exhilarating as it ought to be. On the flip side, a small slip may turn the would be surreal experiences to awful ones.

Kenya has some of the remotest communities with unique cultures and traditions. Equally, you get to be blown off by an assortment of attractions beyond what you probably have seen on television.

1. Be deliberate on the specific places on top of your vacation list

For the greatest vacation experience in Kenya, you need to be clear on which places are a must visit. Some people choose to make largely blind travels where they just hop into the car and search on the go. With direction apps now widely available, many just search for places and it pops up on the screen. Sometimes, such blind vacations end up being so glamorous and fulfilling. But, they may also turn out to be the worst experience ever. 

To try avoiding troubles of unplanned and blind vacations in Kenya, prepare a list of places. Take a bit of time to rank them further based on order of priority. For prioritization, read online comments, do your internet search, read books and if possible go to travel guide websites.

For your information, Kenya is diverse in many respects. This diversity only means that as a tourist; local or foreign, you can’t miss something worth experiencing. Meanwhile you need to have it in mind that time is of essence for a vacation. You don’t have a whole year for a vacation. Priority destiations should take a bigger chuk of time then the rest can get leftover time or none at all. 

2. Get money ready for your trip

A vacation of whatever nature or form needs money-no wonder people previously thought it as an unnecessary expense. At least now Kenyans, like most people elsewhere, recognize the need for travel leisure, amusement and fun. The therapy that comes with leisure travel, rejuvenating the mind isn’t comparable to the long sessions at the psychiatrist. Travelling around Kenya can stop you from plunging into depression, burnout, stress.

On the money side, Kenya isn’t so expensive as a tourist destination. You likely need to spend on transportation, accommodation, gate fees at controlled attractions, possibility of a tour guide. A few coins must also be set aside for buying mementos and supporting local businesses.  

With money on your preferred credit card or debit card, you should be able to spend easily on your vacations. Some places, especially in the remote yet fancifull parts of Kenya may still prefer you to pay using cash money but they can still accept mobile money through M-Pesa.

Without a proper budget for your vacation, it may just turn out to be an awful experience. In the worst cases, you just realize that it’s not possible to keep traveling around and have to cut short the holiday. It’s nothing amazing to be in such situations. 

3. Avoid overdoing the same kind of destinations

When Kenya features as a tourist destination, many people already have a rough idea of what it has to offer. Top on the list is wildlife and game rides which a lot of locals as well as internationals can only long to enjoy. Also, natural areas such as natural waterfalls, ziplining areas, hotsprings, valleys and mountains, craters remain signature destination areas.

As someone who’s made up his mind to get the most value from your travel funds, it would be a great idea to categorize your destinations. For instance, have wildlife and wilderness areas, waterfronts and waterbodies, cultural areas and communities, iconic architectural structures and historical sites, museums and shopping places. Under each of these list a specific place and then with the correct information, pick specific ones. You can save the others for your next visit.

A ground oblique photograph of Mt. Kilimanjaro from Kenya

The tours and travel agencies in Kenya have always projected specific places as top destinations. These places of course are undeniably amazing but then focusing only on them may deny you a chance to discover some hidden treasures. 

Amazing wildlife areas and parks in Kenya

  • Maasai mara
  • Diani beach where you can catch sight of whales gently swimming within view
  • The Amboseli national park
  • Tsavo national park
  • Mount Kenya
  • Nairobi national park
  • Lake Nakuru
  • Malindi
  • Kisumu

Taking the trouble to place your preferred travel destinations in Kenya into categories may come out as an unnecessary burden. But as a conscious traveler who deserves the best out of the money spent on vacation, it pays off. Why spend extra money visiting 3 game parks and getting a similar or near same experience. What if you instead choose to go and get a ride aboard a water bus in Lake Victoria or visit the Fourteen falls to get the enchanting view of the majestically falling water?

4. Work around with the seasons

From a business mindset, tourism in Kenya has circles and seasons. As a traveler, the best thing would be to join the bandwagon during the high season when a lot of work goes into providing visitors with exclusive experiences. The downside to this high season travels is that the service providers including tour agencies, hotels, and attraction sites have so many people to deal with. The kind of handling you may get could miss your expectations. Of course the places people visit train thief staff well and do all they can to offer only amazing experiences but with a huge inflow of tourists in peak season, one or two things may go awry.

If you wish to put up with some kind of lowkey travel outside the high season, you may just get the best individualized experience ever. Off season travel in Kenya doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be getting a befitting experience. No. The only thing is that some amenities that always pool their resources to complement each other may have long left. For example, businesses that offer children with playing facilities like bouncing castles and plastic swimming pools may have left the precincts of your hotel room. 

Just so you may know, the peak tourist season in Kenya falls within the months of June and September each year. These months are generally hot and dry which gives travelers a chance to enjoy time outdoors without the trouble of rains. 

5. Pick the right people to travel with or just be a lone traveler

Any experienced traveler will tell you that the best moments are better captured in teams than alone. When the trip is over and you need to reflect on the memories, having someone who also witnessed it makes it easy to refresh your thoughts. But, having the wrong people in your entourage may end up ruining it altogether. Some people are naturally troublesome and not able to play an effective role in a group. They will remain behind when people are in the field, fail to be ready for checkout at the hotel room and get into trouble with management and so on.

In all, it’s recommended that you take a vacation with someone you are with. Yes, you can do with a friend or your spouse but how long have you been together and the trust you have for one another,going for a vacation with someone you have known for a while encourages you to participate in every enjoying activity during the vacation because you can leave them in the accommodation room and never get suspicious if your belonging are stolen.

If in case you are having a kid then please don’t plan on going with them for your vacation.Leave them with a reliable person because they will obviously ruin your entire  fun i swear.A vacation with your family member and your best friend is the best. 

6. Have your travel bag properly packed with everything you need

A vacation time means spending a longer period outdoors in nature, public spaces, historical sites and more. When out there, you need suitable clothing of all kinds to adjust to the weather. You also need to capture each moment for the future.

If you long to not only get enchanting experiences in Kenya but also preserve them in pictures and videos, a good camera or smartphone with perfect lenses will be a great deal. Also carry with you a powerbank, memory card with enough capacity, binoculars to zoom in on distant yet attractive objects or features. 

For those who may want to go hiking in the mountain forests of Kenya or in other nature reserves, get hiking boots, hiking sticks, tough clothes and a backpack for scaling the heights. Don’t forget to have a first aid kit to take care of possible accidents, clean water bottle, ropes,helmet and carabiner. 

You may also want to get skating boots, skateboards, bicycles and more. Just feel free to bring along everything that could complement your desires for a vacation like no other. Most facilities will always accommodate whatever uncommon fun activities that you would wish to try out. 

7. Be a learner par excellence

Everyday for someone torousing Kenya presents a learning opportunity. Whether its about how the wild beasts plan their immigration to the Serengeti plains to the geysers of rift valley lakes, there is never less to learn. The people you meet around have with them some unique knowledge about their areas which may not be in any books. 

While you need to be careful not to fall for things preying on visitors, being open to learn from and through the locals will definitely result in a great vacation. They will hook you up with some of the greatest local hotels and restaurants as well as other relevant gems to visit. 

Don’t come across as someone who knows it all and depend on textbook knowledge to navigate through your trip in Kenya. You may have contracted tours and travel agencies but it’s likely that they too don’t know the nitty gritty in the locality. They will come in handy to share some funny, exciting, informative details that together give a great cocktail of feelings

Final takeaway on things to do for exciting holidays, vacations in Kenya

Visiting Kenya as a foreigner or traveling around as a local gives a great feeling. You most definitely get taken away by the great mix of attractions, diverse people and cultures. Aside from the destinations within Kenya, you too can choose to try out unique vacation activities that end up cheering you up. 

Just make sure that you plan well, do every bit of your trip diligently and deliberately set yourself up for excitement and full enjoyment. From your vacation around Kenya, you’ll get a freshness like no other and get enough energy to resume work, become more productive.  

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