Best experience shopping in Eastleigh, Nairobi

Nothing beats fleek dressing, great apparance and appetizing dining in bringing out the best in us. Yes, we never miss troubles dogging our lives from all directions but then, making the best out of them all truly leads to a meaningful life. For those who’ve resolved in their minds that their life challenges won’t deny them a chance to look bubbly and fleek, shopping in Eastleigh may make it a reality.

Eastleigh has some of the best cloth shops and wholesalers for those working with a low budget. There, you get to buy from the latest fashion selection, purchase foodstuff plus many more. 

As a student, an early career person or evel someone with a fat wallet, Eastleigh shops have some of the best clothes. Be it footwear, jewellery, suits, events apparel, costumes, bikini, name it. A perfect fit for you sits on the shelves waiting for you to come shopping. 

In Kenya, how you dress influences how you get addressed

Honestly in Kenya people will address you depending largely on the first impression. This impression relies on your presentability, especially dressing. A perfectly dressed person will effortlessly grab attention which when combined with good verbal skills seals the deal. 

As someone trying to get a footing in the job market, starting off on a new job or just keen on keeping tops just in case something comes up, there’s no chance to ignore your dressing choice. 

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Eastleigh shopping outlets have all anyone may need to buy

Anyone who has been to or lives in Nairobi but not checked in in Eastleigh must really pinch himself hard. A visit to Eastleigh presents one with a wide assortment of things to buy both in bulk as well as single picks. In fact, each year, new new Eastleigh shopping malls keep opening up to shops and shoppers. 

If tired of the extremely bustling life in the Nairobi central business district and want a little relaxed shopping round, Eastleigh will do it. Sometimes the streets there get so congested, yes but once you enter the malls, everything gets cozier. You can do window shopping and likely find an item that matches your budget for the day.

Best shopping malls in Eastleigh you can always check out

Really experienced shoppers in Nairobi or occasional visitors to the city always rush to Eastleigh for the best. Actually, those who keenly try to cut down their spending choose Eastleigh, Gikomba, Muthurua, Kamukunji Market or Kariokor market. 

Something exciting about shopping in Eastleigh is that wholesale traders as well as retail shops can be found at a close proximity. Let’s say you just want two funky dresses for a weekend event and a sack of sugar as well. In Eastleigh, you quickly walk to the wholesalers of foodstuff and then pace to the clothing malls in just a few minutes. 

For a shopping experience like no other in Eastleigh, these are the shopping areas to look out for;

  • Business Bay Square Mall (BBS) 
  • Royal Mall
  • Yare Plaza/Yare Business Park
  • Bangkok shopping mall, Easleigh
  • Hodan Complex Center 
  • Taisir shopping center
  • Olympic Shopping center
  • Prestige shopping mall
  • Amco Shopping Mall, Eastleigh 
  • Amal Plaza
  • Tansim Shopping Mall
  • Eastleigh shopping center

Over and above these listed shopping spaces in Easteligh, there’s always the possibility to dicsover your own plug. The sprawling Easleigh estate is doted with so many small and big shope plus eateries that together gives it the true definition of a business hub. Possibly, you want to tag a long a friend or collegue to pick out the best store that will always win your loyalty.

Eastleigh carved a name as a true business hub

Eastleigh which combines residential buildings with a litanny of shops comes out as a perfect match. Its amazing how businesses keep coming up even amidst the limited space. For those who know Easleigh well, it fits the moniker; the little Mogadishu.

When the name Esteligh is mentioned, much of what comes into mind is a vibrant business area. Yes people live there but then the shopping possibilities there gets so exciting. Each day, you can get a variety of items sold for every customer.

In the true spirit of each customer getting at least something for their budget, many shops in Easleigh combine affordability and reasonable qulifty. You can get an apparel from as low as Ksh. 50 as well as for Ksh. 5,000. So, the range of pricing fits almost everyone which tells why the affluent and middle class can’t afford not frquenting the shops there.

The Somali business people who traditionally form the bulk of sellers in Easleigh further makes one’s shopping experience memorable. They have a way of talking to buyers in incomplete Swahili or English but at the end of the conversation, you don’t resist to buy at least an item.

A typical transaction at the shops will go in in the lines of “Karibu customer, gani unataka wewe? Hiyo ni elfu mbili mia saba,” “uko na ngapi wewe?” “Oooh hiyo ni kidogo, ongeza kitu ifike elfu mbili mia tano basi.” “Umesema uko tu na elfu mbili mia mbili? leta basi na usambie mwengine nimekuuzia hiyo bei.” You can imagine this conversation with a Somali businessperson;laced with their accent. Its just so much fun. But the downside to it is that some of them don’t have the patience of a salesperson and may easily dismiss you bargaining exccessively.

An for your budget in Eastleigh shops

For many of us, affordability beats a lot of things when it comes to buying anything. Yes, there’s a place for quality and fashionability in us but then there’s no unlimited money to get a perfect mix of what matters for us. So, as much as Easteleigh has a wide range of cloth shops and foodstuff stores for customers, what stads out for many is price.

In Easleigh, a serious buyer who has some money in the pocket won’t comepletely miss an item. Maybe you will not end up with the exact item you had set out to buy but then may always find a perfect substutte or asecond one in your preference list.

While its not a big hassle trying to get items that fall within your budget lines, there’s a;ways room for smart bargaining. Smart bargaining will see you getting an item sold to you at a significantly reduced price from the marked price.

First impression that welcomes you to Eastleigh

Honestly, Easteligh comes out as a rather congested business and residential hub in Nairobi. While its typical that estates in Nairobi all choke with population, the tragedy of Easteligh is that the residential blocks and residents comepet for space with the mushrooming shopping areas.

Each day, so many people arrive in Eastleigh from North Eastern, upcountry Kenya and even the rest of the city to shop. Despite the heavy human traffic in the business estate, it comes across as so well arranged. Its only in Easleigh where streets have proper markings and numbering. For instance, you get streets running from First street in Easleigh all the way to tenth, fourteenth and more.

In other market spaces like Gikomba or Muthurwa where customers must struggle looking for shopping places, its not so in Eastleigh. Shopping plaza and malls in Easleigh have visiable names and wide main entrances that nake access stress free. From the outset, you can easily see whether the plaza has mainly cloths or other household items.

Affordable and quality of stuff sold in Eastleigh

Every customer would prefer  affordable prices of items they want to purchase.The advantageous part while shopping in Eastleigh is that most of the things are original not compared to Gikomba where second hand things mostly sold, Original items are of high cost normally but in Eastleigh you’ll find them at an affordable prices encouraging customers to shop everyday and happy.

Pick off shelf some of the best fashion choices in Eastleigh

Also people prefer Original items but at affordable prices.Many people who shop in Gikomba Market may also be Eastleigh lovers but they assume that the items sold there are expensive.

Members of many different communities shop in Eastleigh

Interacting with foreigners on your shopping day in eastleigh never gets more amazing. You hear Kikuyus, Luos, Somali, Kamba and many more. Actually, you may get this impression that the tower of babel has just crumbled and the so many languages emerge.

An observant buyer will notice that other buyers have a particular liking for a selectin of stuff. The young university ladies like Somalis will never hesitate to go for the aromatic and sweet scented lotions. Gentlemen will be making their choice of fitting suits and footwear plus many more.

If you’re a lover of sampling different foods too, Eastleigh is a melting pot of world cuisines. You get small hotels, restarurants, pubs and high end restarants localed in Eastleigh. Perhaps agfter a long shopping day, you may check into an hotel to fill your nagging tummy.

Takeaway about shopping experience in Eastleigh

For a combination of afforability and quality, buyers need to explore Eastleigh. In the ever growing residential cum business hub, buyers get to buy clothing, footstuff, hardware and more. As a new shopper in this part of Nairobi, be on the lookout for the low cost shopping areas as well as other options available.

The shopping experience one ends up getting in Eastleigh obviously comes out as personal.You should just have a positive mindset and  well planned budget with the needful money. Security of your phone and the cash in the wallet should also be considered so that you don’t get disappointed by thieves.

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