Best attractions in Homabay county you can enjoy

Homabay county has been hitting the headlines recently all for good reason. Raila Odinga Stadium, Affordable housing launch and more have hoisted the county high up. Haven’t you also seen people priding themselves for reopening of Kabunde airstrip? Now people can land and take-off from Homabay in style. As a travel and leisure enthusiast, you won’t miss attractions in Homabay worth enjoying any single day.

Without being political at this point, many will agree that Homabay had been a sleeping giant for way too long. At the start of devolution, Homabay had a perfect chance to showcase its great attractions and unmatched potential. The lake Victoria frontier, lush and green land that sprawls to Suba and Ndhiwa stayed not as much exploited.

Typical sunset over the Lake Victoria pier

Want to see Homabay basking in extreme glory and radiating immense attraction? Just take a tour of the county. Remember, it’s in Homabay that we find a couple of inhabited and uninhabited islands. You can catch a  boat ride to Mfangano island, enjoy sailing the yellow water bus plus many more.

Homabay county taking its place in the map of tourist attraction destinations

Any experienced traveler will confess that it takes more than just how good a place is that tickles visitors towards. Packaging, marketing and showcasing of these attractions make all the difference. Right now, we can all identify the many places and things one can enjoy when visiting Homa-bay. 

Get ready for a great ride down to Homa-bay best attractions

Over and above the traditionally prepared luo dishes, a lot awaits you on your in terms of attractions in Homabay. You will get to eat meals mostly consisting of fish, sorghum meal and local veggies. The highly hospitable communities also await to embrace. In the local culture, strangers never lack a place to rest their backs or food. All it takes to get the warm embrace of locals is explaining your background. Isn’t this something worth experiencing? 

You don’t need to be a white person from god knows where to visit Homabay and sample its great attractions. Locals have a great privilege of booking budget resorts and hotels now located at the shores of Lake Victoria. In fact, more projects and hideouts keep coming up in the islands of the lake.  

Traveling for a vacation in Homa bay county

For so long, people viewed holidaying differently and there were traditional destinations to have in a travel list. People would highly rank the coastal region, Mount Kenya, Maasai Maara and the Rift valley attractions up in the list. The tide is fast turning and seems anyone longing for a cocktail of experiences like no other now looks towards the lake. It’s now time to venture into the islands of L.Victoria, interact with shoreline communities, taste apoth, aruda, smoked fish, roast goat, mito and dek among many others.

Get ready for a boat sail, fish eating sightseeing in Homabay

While the Standard gauge railway has earned a reputation for being a quick way for those going for a vacation to the coast, Homabay has Kabunde airstrip, the waterbus and roads that will take you there. Of course the rural access roads may not be in a so lovely state which means you need an offroad car model to enter deeper into the remotes of the county. Interestingly, some of the amazing places like Bala hot springs, Abundu hot spring and God Jope lie in such remote areas. 

Homabay has most if not all the amazing attractions you’d wish for

Getting to tour Homabay even  as a local person or a foreigner can never be in vain. Having your travel budget and a proper plan, set out to  take a tour of the vast Homabay county. 

Even the locals of Homabay sometimes get surprised to travel and see the great gem they’ve had next door for years yet not visited. There’s no way you will choose to have a picnic in Malta or some exotic hotel in Dubai yet forget to know and spend your top dollar in a local area which equally offers the best at its level. 

Amzing nature to sightsee and enjoy

Homabay county has great historical sites, archeological areas,the lake  Victoria pier and much more. Homabay,like any other tour destination,should be counted with the greatest places worth visiting in the Nyanza region.

Common places to visit and marvel in Homabay county

When the Azimio la Umoja coalition through its unsuccessful Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) proposed to have a product for each county, we may have dismissed it for political reasons. The slow but sure unveiling of Homay as a tourist destination can just be an example of what it looks like to hoist every country on the platform of at least one major product.

Homa bay may have for the longest time gotten the negative image of a failed administration under the former governor Cyprian Awiti but in a new wave, things keep turning around. Now, so many people know various places to visit in the county, cottages and resorts to spend nights or call conferences to. That alone makes a great difference for anyone who may take teh chance to experience the county. 

Here is a few of the places in a long list for your travel to Homabay county

1. Ruma national park

Tourists who experience enjoyable time traveling to a park to see wildlife and birdwatching should take a visit to Ruma national park.It has a wide range of wild animals.Taking your time seeing their feeding habits,breeding activities how they hunt and nesting,you should always find the best way of enjoying your tour,assume it’s the only opportunity. Campsites are also available in the Ruma National park.

Assuming that you have no fun in watching the wildlife,you can have a nature walk around the park. On your leisure walks, you will catch a glimpse of some cultural activities in Homabay like burial events, fish handling or fishing. Should you be so adventurous, try your luck catching the fish in Lake Victoria. Maybe you can also take the opportunity to venture into the vast L. Vitoria water on boat ride. Boat riding gives you comfortability of seeing the wildlife and bird species while relaxing.

2. Tom Mboya mausoleum in Rusinga island.

You are that tourist who loves knowing the achievements of kenyan leaders. Homabay offers one for you,the Tom mboya mausoleum just from the name of the greatest trade unionist Thomas Joseph Mboya. He played a key role in labour union and the infmaous Kenya Ailift program.

The history of Thomas Mboya remains etched in the great anals of history. He lived only for a short eriod but his legacy towers over decades. At the maussoleum, you get a snippet view of history and the great role that the luo community has played in politics.

Inside this landmark, you can take note of the items displayed and the legendary messages inscribed on them. To satisfy your curiosity, its possible to ask questions, get as much information as possible. You’ll for sure be glad to recapitulate on the life and times of Tom Mboya.

The mausolleum receives visitors from different countries and communities. Often, you can interact with them and learn different information from them. If there is permission to take pictures inside,you can as well take some quick pictures, for great memories.

3. Lake Simbi Nyaima

From the research available, Simbi Nyaima is known for a home of all the birds,the flamingos in particular, it’s said that the flamingos come all away from Nakuru. Since the lake is a salty water lake,the Fish are not safe to live inside it so definitely there’s no fish in lake Simbi Nyaima. As a tourist to Homabay county, visit the lake to find out what happens there and take a walk around the lake.

4. Book an enjoyable stay at tourists hotels around Lake Victoria

 Walk around to see everything,from the hotels and resorts in Homabay,you can go to one of them and take the delicious Fish in the hotels since it is the only available meal symbolizing the Luo vibe and swag.You may also taste Omena sautered with mor alenya (traditionally prepared butter).

You are also allowed to carry some fish from the lake and take to the hotels so that you can be cooked for. Around the hotels there are recreational activities you can take part in as you also enjoy the cool breeze. One is called the Homa Bay tourist hotel just a short distance from lake victoria.

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