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Let’s talk about Murimi or Njeri struggles to get over a bad odour from a colleague’s mouth everyday at work. It gets even more uncomfortable if such a person seems to have unedning stories to tell. In fact, such situations of dental problems or oral health discomfort happen behind office doors at workplaces every other day. If not a bad breath, its about a piercing toothache, sensitive roots, bleeding gums, cavity and more. 

A good number of people around us have to deal with a lot of dental problems. Generally, there’s a lot of discomfort that comes with such situations to them as well as others. Surpisingly, people still indulge in lifestyle choices that continue exposing their teeth to more risks.

Haven’t you seen these young men and ladies who gleefully binge chew muguka (leaves of miraa) and miraa? Someof them also chain smoke, never clean their teeth and still expect their health to remain tops? 

Whereas your dentist may be in a position to repair your teeth, prevention is always better than cure. This is the significance of good oral hygiene which would definitely provide a range of benefits to you. 

You need to make it an habit practising some of the basic oral hygiene steps

Anyone who has had to deal with a bad tooth can relate with the adage that prevention is better than cure. The biting sensation that the nerve endings around the teeth create incase of an infection or any defect isn’t one any person would wish even for an enemy.

Before getting to the point of having to quickly rush to the dentist for an emergency dental check in the wee hours, you can actively prevent it all. Practising some of the basic oral hygiene steps will give you healthier teeth and gums and at the same time accord you a fresh breath. Just by keeping healthy oral habits, you are able to afford a beautiful smile, lower most of the expensive dental procedures and oral cancer, as well as reduce risk of chronic illness.

Dental examination and cleaning

Dental examinations and cleanings should be done at intervals specified to you by your dentist. This is always the most important routine out of them all since it is not only about cleaning. 

During your dental visit, the dentist will perform a thorough check on your teeth and also be able to identify any underlying problems right at the right time hence issue some early corrective measures. 

So, you see, daily brushing, and flossing will not be enough to protect your dental system. Therefore, you must make it a habit to come to your dentist regularly for both cleaning and dental examination.

There is a connection between having good oral health and your general wellness. If you have ever had a toothache then you will get a clear understanding of how significant tooth care is. Toothaches are always very painful, uncomfortable, and frustrating and just this one toothache experience will push you to see your dentist regularly and not wait till you are in pain.

Preventive dental care practices are normally more affordable than the restorative and emergency dental care. So, practising good oral hygiene will save you from so much worry, time, and money in the long run.  

Is it true that getting personalised dental care can be very costly?

Yes, dental care is a very expensive process that will cause your pockets a heavy sting. Accessing any form of dental service can be quite expensive that even the most basic dental cleaning can cost you a couple of bucks. This is the exact point where you will definitely need to have a dental insurance cover to help cover for the costs of your dental care services.

Seeking immediate assistance whenever you require any vital healthcare for cavities or gum problems will be much easier when you have your dental insurance. However, dental insurers have varied policies that differ from one to the other but the very affordable ones are limited to basic dental procedures. This should not stop you from having dental insurance since even the most basic dental insurance is better than having nothing at all.

Most dental insurance policies will definitely cover for all your preventive dental care procedures. This usually includes X-rays, examination, and cleaning. At the same time, the dental insurance policy will take into consideration the 80% cover of your basic dental procedures like extractions, fillings, and root canals. Whereas for the main procedures, dental health insurance policy will cover 50% of the costs, for example implant, gum disease treatment, and bridges.

Oral hygiene practices that will help you save money and avoid the pain 

Dental health insurance is a good deal that can save you from spending most on your dental care expenses. Since most dental insurance policies cover for all your preventive dental care needs and most preferably an 80% coverage of your basic dental care needs, then everyone should have it. 

Despite dental insurance saving you from costly dental visits, there are some oral hygiene practices that will help save your money on dental costs as well. Given the times that we are living now characterised with a rising cost of living, everyone is looking to save money by all means. This guide will assist you with some great tips on dental cost savings even as you make critical decisions concerning your dental health. 

You are likely not to end up spending larger bills on your dental care if you;

1. Brush and Floss your teeth 

Brushing and flossing your teeth as required comes across as the topmost things on to do list for healthy teeth. Your daily oral habits of brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing your teeth once a day, will keep you away from some dental problems. 

Skipping brushing your teeth or not being able to brush correctly will definitely bring huge problems to your teeth with huge ramifications. Brushing your teeth should be after every meal but should avoid giggling cold water after a hot meal for it risks creating  dangerous dentures on your teeth. 

2. Carefully select and observe your diet

Sugary food including bottled juice and soft drink, excessive alcohol and tobacco use, and snacking, are likely to cause you serious dental health problems. Most sugary foods are likely to contribute greatly to plaque build-up on your teeth while alcoholic and tobacco substances contain acids that wear out your enamel.

By avoiding excessive consumption of such food and substances, it keeps you away from the expensive dental visits. Therefore, you should always drink more water especially tap water with fluoride and avoid processed food that may cause you tooth decay.

3. Make it a habit to regularly visit the dentist

Keep your teeth healthy and on track with just a simple routine visit to see your dentist. Visit your dentist every six months and gain the comfort that your dental health is doing great. This will also help you avoid any nasty surprise spendings in the future as problems are detected and treated early enough.

4.Take the use of your dental Insurance seriously

Many people fail to take effective advantage of their dental insurance and end up paying more than they use. Check your dental health insurance cover and see what options you have available for you and your family. Most of your preventive dental procedures are covered by most insurers like for instance X-ray and cleaning.

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