Work-based opportunities in Denmark for expats

Anybody who’s properly researched about best countries to live in for an expat may have already come across Denmark. Aside from integration challenges, top among them being language barrier and particularly socialised way of doing things, the country offers perfect residence. Ranking among the top on the global hapiness index, Denmark opens its doors to self-driven, professional, skilled and diligent workers from all over. So, you may just be looking to explore possibilities of getting work permit in Denmark. Here you get all the necessary hints in a simplified way.

Getting the corret and suitable oportunity for moving to Denmark may be a tall order for many. While the’re countries globally that make it easy for current residents to sponsror visitors from abroad irrespective or their relationship, Denmark remains very particular on who one can invite and sponsor for a visit. This mean that as a person hoping to live in Denmark, you must identify own ways that give a likely chance of affording you a work-based residence permit, study, family, research or any other.

You must not only look to use student visa for moving to Denmark

With high ambitions to succeed in education, young people espececially from developing countries look to study abroad. With a lot of scholarships openings that accept brilliant and high achieving students from across the world, Denmark for sure has been a go to study destination. But as someone seeking fitting opportunities in the country, it doesn’t necessarily have to be as a student.

Apart choosing the option of moving to Denmark through studies, qualified people can always try out jobs in Denmark for expats. Yes, Denmark like the other Scandinavian countries rank poorly on barriers to job accesson for foreigners. Nonetheless, the country has a range of jobs that likley suits whatever you may need to do.

As a basic and must have, any stays longer than 90 days (3 months) in Denmark must apply for a residence permit. Of course, there exists excemptions for citizens of the EU and Switzerland. For emphasis, have it sound in your mind that anyone wanting to work in Denmark must have a residence permit irrepective of the type or nature of work, unpaid or sideline jon inclusive.

If you are looking for a job then you should check the Danish companies certified by The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI). This is to ensure that you do not get scammed when making an application. It is only through those companies that you can get a work permit.

Moreover, Denmark has different kinds of work schemes. For instance, fast track scheme that enables companies to employ foreign staff who want to work in Denmark. There are five fast track schemes. They include;

  •  The pay limit track
  • Supplementary pay limit track
  • Short-term track
  • Researcher track
  • Educational track

IMPORTANT!!! Before relying on every bit of this information, always have it in mind that some of these facts change. Whatever we’ve written hereunder can only be valid up until the day of publication.

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1. The Pay Limit scheme in Denmark

Have you been offered a job in Denmark that has a high salary? Then the pay limit scheme is the way to go. With the high salary, you do not need to have a specific profession or even educational background. 

In the pay limit scheme, there are some conditions that you need to meet. One of them is the minimum salary which should be DKK 465,000 yearly. The main salary components considered in this case include payments for the labor market pension schemes, paid holiday money,  and salary in liquid assets form. Remember, the salary also has to be paid in a Danish bank account only. 

The processing time for this type of work permit is one month. Also, the application fee is dkk 4670 as of 2023. Remember, the salary offered needs to respond to the Danish standards

One of the advantages of the pay limit scheme is that you can easily travel across Denmark. Also, you can bring your family to Denmark. By family, it means your kids and your spouse. However, if you are single you can also just go and explore Denmark. The last advantage is that your spouse can work in Denmark. 

2. Supplementary pay limit track 

The supplementary pay limit track is almost similar to the pay limit scheme. However, for this scheme, your minimum salary should be DKK 375,000. However, you should ensure that your employer is certified by SIRI. Apart from the salary, the other conditions are similar. 

3. The Short Term Track

In the short term track, one can come and work in Denmark for a maximum of 90 days in a year. All in all, your employer needs to be certified with SIRI. The 90 days that you can come in work can work for consecutive 90 days or even in breaks but then the total number of days in a year should be 90 days. 

The salary offered should always correspond to the Danish one. Basically, you should not be underpaid. It is a condition that you should work fulltime. This means that you should work between 37 to 40 hours in a week. The processing time is one month and it costs dkk 4670. 

4. The researcher Track 

Have you gotten a job as a researcher in Denmark, then the researcher track is the best option. When offering the job, the institution needs to have research-related reasons for offering the position. 

Some of the conditions that you have to meet include your salary paid in your Danish account. Also, the main purpose of your stay in Denmark should be about research. Also, the employer should be certified with SIRI. 

Furthermore, the salary you are paid needs to respond to the Danish one. Also, if you get a side job as a researcher from another university, then you do not need to make a separate application. Lastly, you can come with your family to Denmark.

5. Positive Lists

Positive list is for the professions that are having a shortage in Denmark. You can get a job on a positive list based on higher education and skilled work. The positive list gets updated twice in a year. It takes place on 1st January and July 1st. The processing time is 1 month and it costs dkk 4670. If you are granted a permit, you can only work on the job as well as the employer that granted you the permit. 

6. Internships for foreigeners in Denmark 

Eyeing to go to DEnmark? Are you still a student? Have you thought about going there as an intern? However, you need to meet two conditions. The conditions include getting enrolled in an educational program in your home country or even country of residence and reasons behind taking your internship in Denmark. 

Furthermore, the internship should be in the green sector such as horticulture, forestry, veterinary, and agriculture, architecture, or the health sector. Besides, you can also be in the field of technical pharmaceutical, culture, or even natural science. In some fields, you can continue staying in Denmark even after completing your internship. The processing time takes 2 months and it costs dkk 4320.

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