Study in Denmark opportunites for international students

Denmark is home to some of the world class premier universities with excellent faculty members that engage in indeepth, cutting edge research. With a strong symbiotic links with the industry, students get an early feel of teh job market and test knowldge in real life. Nowonder, any budding researcher, ambitious student or anyone highly persuaded to sharpen understanding of the emerging issues, studying in Denmark ought to be a welcome idea.

You may have come across young, brilliant, focused and self motivated scholars looking for scholarships abroad. In fact, someone you know or even yourself has explored study opportunites abroad. Some of these searchers may be successful but many experience great frustrations so much that people let go of the idea altogether.

Thinking about studying at universities outside your own country?

Sticking your head out there and bearing the high motivation to study at the globally recognized universities abroad means loads. Mark you, getting the best training and holding a remarkable qualification count in a big way towards getting dream jobs.

In a general sense, so many ambitious students now look to study outside their own countries. This yearning has good reason as it diversifies one’s knowledge and research profile. If tired traditional study abroad destinations where so many often rush to, studying in Denmark could be a good choice. 

Helpful nuggets before you take a leap to start studying in Denmark

Truth be told, taking an undergraduate program abroad in any developed countries costs an arm and both legs. Nowonder in most cases only those from well to do families choose to take their baccalaureate studies abroad. But, many study chances abroad come for those already having their undegraduate and wish to scale the academic ladder.

If you want to study a Masters degree, PhD or Post doctorate abroad, a lot of generous opportunities await. In fact, most spornsorships or scholarships if you like come to internationals applying for Masters degree onwards. The same applies to studying in Denmark where everyone who qualifies get the open possibility to study.

Why study in Denmark as a foreign student

Universities and programs

  • Top notch universities in research, innovation, and interdisciplinary learning.
  • A selection of a variety of on-demand courses and programs that put you ahead of peers in the job market.
  • Access to industry focused and career primed courses that definitely makes you all rounded and ready to hit the ground running as an entry-level employee.
  • Well resources and funded public universities that support a conducive learning ecosystem.
  • A dynamic and high impact collaboration with the industry, businesses, companies, consultants and all relevant industry player.

Student community

  • Benefit from a diverse cross section of student community from Scandinavia, continental. Europe, the Americas, Gulf countries, Asia and just  globally.

Funding and study scholarships

  • Possibility of benefitting from some of the most lucrative and generous scholarships. Some of these include Danida fellowship, Danish Government Scholarship for international students. Also regional funding like Erasmus Mundus programme, Nordplus, Erasmus Mundus/Joint Master Degree, Fulbright Commission, Danish State Educational Support (SU). A full list and how to get these scholarships can be found on
  • A possibility to have a limited work study of up to 20 hrs  per week during the normal session. This changes to full time working allowed in the Summer  months of June, July and August. 

Possibilities when studies end

  • A likelihood of getting a work permit, permanent residence and citizenship over time.
  • No need to show a bank statement to prove ability to support yourself. Payment of first semester fees always count as enough evidence of financial sufficiency. 
  • Your accompanying spouse will have a guaranteed chance of working full time while you study.
  • A chance to have unlimited work for up to three years upon graduating. This applies to those who finish a Danish Master’s, PhD, bachelor or professional bachelor’s degree. 

The reasons why one needs to choose Denmark as a study destination over other options are so many. So, whether paying your own tuition fees or lucky to get a full or partial scholarship,Denmark keeps beckoning you. 

Universities that you can apply to study in Denmark as a foreign student

Any foreign student with the correct qualifications to study in Denmark can actually apply to and get admitted. The only fact is that Quota 1 admission and Quota 2 admission may apply to you. Check out how the quota system for admissions applies in Denmark here. 

As an international student studying in Denmark, you obviously don’t want to take chances. Even when it’s clear that your qualifications exceed the average requirement for admission, just be strategic. Its a cut throt competition for the rspective courses and universities where only the smart aplicants get through.

Just choosing a course to study or a university based on perceived academic record may be disastrous. The truth of the matter remains that as you apply, other students also go for similar programs. Some of them may be even much more qualified than you yet the available slots remain low. Ordinarily, one needs to look at the available slots and acceptance rate of international students. This guides the choice of university and course.

The Danish universities internationals can apply to include; 

  • IT University of Copenhagen (ITU)
  • Roskilde University (RUC)
  • Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
  • Aarhus University (AU)
  • Aalborg University (AAU)
  • University of Copenhagen (UCPH)
  • University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
  • Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Things to consider when applying to study in Denmark as an international student

Denmark and its higher education system is highly organized and works with strict plans. For instance, the number of students to be admitted for programs remains highly regulated to avoid low quality education. So, anything that you think will place you ahead of other applicants matters and must be included alongside other materials.

Education in Denmark uses Danish, English and a blend of the two as a language of instruction. In fact, English courses have been cut down so that most courses remain to be taught only in Danish. As a precaution and smart move, be sure to select a course that matches your comfortable language. In which case, most international students choose English. 

As a student its all about learning each passing day

Scholarship funding and assistantship jobs at universities in Denmark don’t easily come by. In some countries, students may get scholarship funding when they have already started studies. But in Denmark, such chances come but not so common.

As a new applicant from abroad, you ordinarily need to process your residence permit and visa. This should be done before moving to Denmark. For this reason, your deadline for making study applications and receiving the outcome is earlier than the rest. Everything follows a strict timelines so tha you fill out ST1 – Application form

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