Ways and opportunities for moving to Denmark

The saying that fortune favor the bold can be always be a great inspiration for those crossing the borders for newer experiences as well as opportunities. Here, Moving to Denmark could be one such show of boldness open to all. If anything, Denmark already ranks tops as among the happiest countries in the world which gives it a score already,

In a fast paced world where people have become increasingly sharp, ambitious and laser focused, sitting at one place may not be the best way to live. Yes, you may have a full time job, a good income, family and a few possessions but you’re just missing one extra thing-a taste of Denmark, its opportunities, unique culture, weather, people and amazing social security structures.

Moving to Denmark and embracing new opportunities, possibilities

Many people may consider Denmark as an uncommon destination. Ofcourse the Danish Aliens act which regulates how foreigners enter and stay in the country can be super strict, But looking at it clearly, Danish immigration process and guidelines have just been made so prescriptive so that no unauthrised person breaches and take advantage of its robust social security system.

Truth be told, a lot of expatriates and immigranys relocate to Denmark each day; some on visitors/tourist short stay visa while others get lon term residence permits. Whichever your case may be, you stand an equal chance like those who came before you to actually move over to Denmark.

Many people awlays have an initial reason for choosing Denmark as an immigrantion. Some see it as a good country for higher education, work possibilities, marriage or culture. But be these as they may, the country may end up rewarding you with much more opportunities.

Feeling lost and out of place in Denmark

As an expat in Denmark, the first few days and months will definietely feel excruciating. So many times people curse themselves for making the chose and even promise to move back home shortly. The Winter in Denmark, solitary Danes, language barrier and culture always get over the heads of immigrants.

If you’re used to a really bubbly and interractive life where people just ease out, Denmark will in early days of your arrival tell you a different way to living. Bet me you, many will flip through pages and do internet searches just to find asnwers to the daunting questions that come teeming initially

As humans, we always tend to avoid countries whose cultures and traditions appear so strict. Of course Danes have a way of preserving their identity in language, food, traditions and general view of life. But these aside, they really offer good space for foreigners who have the motivation for self advancment as well as able to participate in building their society.

Stop dreaming of moving to Denmark and act now

Up until this point, you may have felt a little scared of you plans to relocate to Denmark. That’s not strange because life changing deicisonscan weigh one down. Having read this far, it means you really want to get the nuts and bolts together. It’s possible that you move to and make Denmark a home.

You may have encourntered people longing to explore oppotrunities abroad, Denmark included but don’t seem to make correct moves. You know, hoping and longing can’t be winning strategies. As a person, first do a self examination and test of your willingness to venture into life abroad. From this, start laying out an elaborate strategy to move.

Even though a lot of opportunities exist in Denmark for work, study, research, cultural exchange, caregiving, agroculture and people remain ignorant of them. Indeed even those who could be aware end up getting stuck along the way, giving up or just feeling furstrated. The challenge with getting a Danish residence permit or even Schengen visa may seem a daunting chellenge especially for the third country citizens.

Quick insights on moving to Denmark

While citizens of EU, EEA and Switzerland may not find it so hard to move to Denmark, third country citizens don’t. Just getting through with application for the correct opportunity, processing immigration and so forth can be damn tough. But to start with, knowing which opportunities one can actually explore in Denmark counts in a big way.

For EU/EEA/Swiss nationals in Denmark;

  • Live in Denmark for up to 3 months without need for a residence permit.
  • For stays longer than 6 months, EU/EEA citizens need a registration certificate.
  • Swiss citizens require a residence card for stays over 6 months.

On work basis, you can Denmark categorises immigrants into 3:

  • Citizens of a Nordic country
  • The citizens of EU/EEA and Switzerland
  • hird country citizens

The case is much different for other nations who literally have to prove themselves satisfactorily to get a residence permission. For work-related residence permit in Denmark, check out the several immigration opportunities.

The other ways of moving to Denmark as a third country citizen include studies, family reunification, visitation,cultural exchange, asylum, religious pilgrimage/ internship, Au pair or working holiday. 

Even though starting a new life in Denmark can be challenging, it is doable. Just like the other European nations, Denmark is also suffering from labor shortage in some important industries. Thus, you may be lucky to get a job after studies or even internship. 

Moving to Denmark as an Au Pair

Are you a young person between the ages of 18 and 29? Then why not go to Denmark as an Au pair? The reason is because through that, you will learn about Danish culture as well as language. 

The process involves finding a host family, signing a contract, then making a visa application. Remember as an Au pair, you will have to meet some requirements. For instance, you are not supposed to be married or have any children. Besides, you should have knowledge in German, SWedish, English, Norwegian, or Danish languages. 

Studying for Bachelors, Masters or PhD

Denmark is among the top countries with the best universities globally. Despite Danish being the primary language, there are some programs that are offered in English. Thus, you do not have to worry about the language of instruction if you do not understand Danish. Also, the country has the best professors and global partnerships. 

If you want to study in Denmark, the first step is choosing a university. After identifying the university in which you want to study, you can check the program you want as well as the requirements. If you meet the requirements, then you should go ahead and make an application. 

Moving to Denmark for Work 

Denmark is the second happiest country after Finland. This is due to the high salaries, good holiday allowances, and flat working hierarchies. As a worker in Denmark, you will get some free public services such as healthcare and education if you have young kids. 

The Danish labor market is mainly dominated by the services sector. It is then followed by the industry sector. Also, the country’s location makes it a key distribution point for the other European countries. Its top exports include textile iron and steel, pharmaceuticals as well as medical equipment. Besides, it has the best work life balance. Check here for the available work schemes for internationals.

Accompanying family member or family reunification in Denmark

Did you know that you can move to Denmark if you have a Dansh husband or wife? Yes you can. Besides, you can move to Denmark if your spouse is studying or working in Denmark. Apart from the two reasons, you can get family reunification if you are granted asylum in Denmark. This will help you to be reunited with your family. The good thing is that as an accompanying family member, you can work and open a business in Denmark. 

Touring or private visitations to Denmark

Denmark is one of the places that lots of people have put in their bucket list. Even though it is a tiny country, it has the best coastline, cooking, people, and culture. Some of the places you can visit while in Denmark are Legoland, Tivoli, the New Nordic Cuisine, and others. 

Before you travel to Denmark, you should confirm whether you need a visa to go there or not. If you need a visa, then you should visit the nearest Embassy or rather make an online application. Also, remember that Denmark is an expensive country. Thus, you should have enough money to take care of yourself while there. 

Business Visits

Please, don’t confuse business and tourist visas. Visit visa gives one a chance to tour Denmark while a business visa helps you engage in business activities while in Denmark. However, you should remember that all of them require you to stay in Denmark for a limited period of time. 

If your country needs a visa to enter Denmark, you should not worry. This is because the processing time is usually very short. Just two weeks. Is that not good news for any business person considering time is essential?

Working holiday

Working holiday is also a good way of moving to Denmark. However, it is only applicable to some countries including South Korea, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Chile, Argentina, and Canada. 

However, there are some conditions that you are supposed to meet. One of them is that you should be at least 18 years old before you can make an application. While in Denmark, you should not take a regular job. Also, while on a working holiday visa, you should know that your family members cannot accompany you to Denmark.

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