Relocating from the United States to Nordic Countries

So many harbor dreams to go to the United states of America which may make them wonder why would someone already there choose to move to Nordic countries. But well travelled people and those who really wish to try life elsewhere may appreciate that the Nordics always have something unique to offer. From work opportunities, amazing social security, serene nature key among them the aurora borealis, amazing people who have a deep sense of jenteloeven and more.

Bet me you, so many Americans or those who’ve lived in the states find the Nordics extremely calming. In fact, the social security, happiness and safety experienced in the countries are enough to warm the hearts of many.

Moving to the Nordics

The general perception among many is that transitiing from living in the United states to the Nordics should naturally come easy with no hitches. The honest reality is that you will without a doubt need to adjust pretty much to fit into the new normal of life in the Nordics. Here, loudness, uncessary expressiveness and drama, standing out and boldness bordering on arrogance don’t fly. Maybe some Nordic locals will from time to time ask if you’re an American or has lived there before just if you seem differently behaved.

Navigating life abroad and its challenges can be pretty overwhelming. However, with the right connection and network, the process of moving can be a bit easier. Everyone wants to feel at home no matter where life takes them.

When considering moving to Nordic countries from the United States, it is imperative that you excel in your research. Get to know which of the five Nordic countries is the best to move to. We are talking of a country with top-notch quality of life, opportunities, health, and much more.

Moving to Nordic countries from the United States  is a great opportunity to embrace different cultures. You also get a chance to explore the world. The Nordic people believe in community, more so being there for each other, and they are pretty generous. You don’t have to thank the Nordics for their kindness. That is their way of life.

Moving to the Nordic region from United States

Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland constitute the Nordic countries. Any of those five countries are great places to live and raise a family. But because you cannot move to all five countries, you have to figure out the best Nordic country.

The Nordic countries boast an utopian attractiveness that cannot be ignored. They also stand out in health matters, high-quality education, and remarkable standard of living. These are some of the attributes that make people live in the United States to find a home in Nordic countries.

Just like in any other country in the world, there are processes to be followed before leaving one country for another country. The Nordic countries are no exception. If you are considering your future options as an American, moving to one of the Nordic countries may be your best option.

Nevertheless, moving to Norway, Sweden, or Denmark, is not easy. It makes it even more difficult if you are an American citizen. The first thing you have to do is obtain a work permit, especially in your field. Mastering the local language is another hurdle you will have to overcome eventually.

What to consider before moving to Nordic countries from the United States

Leaving the United States for Nordic countries is a major milestone. You cannot make quick decisions without knowing what lies ahead. It is good to take your time so that you don’t end up regretting your decision.

Before packing your bags and moving, there are things to consider. These things will help you make a better decision before you move. 


What kind of people are you going to interact with when you move? Most people in Nordic countries are pretty reserved. However, this may vary from one country to the other. Also, people in the city don’t act the way people in the countryside do. This will go a long way when deciding whether to live in the city or the countryside.

At first, making friends will prove a daunting task. But, the more you acquit yourself with the citizens you will realize how friendly they can be. So, take a bold step and get out there with an aim of making new friends. The Nordics create their happiness as such don’t be surprised if you tap into their happiness.

Cost of living

People living in Nordic countries always express how the cost of living is usually high. This means you will have to brace yourself for major financial changes once you land in either of the Nordic countries. Do your research well before moving out of the United States.

Of all the Nordic countries, Norway and Finland are the most expensive countries to live in. One can manage Denmark and Sweden quite well without breaking a sweat. The point is to find a country that will not make you spend way beyond what you can afford. 

Moving around

What you will find interesting in Nordic countries is their means of transport. You will find bikes everywhere compared to cars. In these countries, you don’t have to always be on the road with your car. Bikes can do.

Roads in Nordic countries are designed with several biking lanes to enable you to get to your destination. The use of bikes means less road traffic. Riding a bike in Nordic countries is quite safe. You will extremely enjoy your daily commute.


When you visit a new place, you will find changes. Not everything operates the same as in your country of origin. This goes the same with food. Nordic countries do their food pretty well in as much as it may be different from food in the United States.

What you will realize in Nordic countries is how fresh the food is. The quality is top-notch. Indulge in a wide selection of caviar, fish, seafood, meat dishes, and many more. Baking is also quite popular in Nordic countries. It would be wise to visit a bakery near you will in one of the Nordic countries.

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