Available work based schemes for internationals to work in Denmark

Denmark for sure has a name to itself when it comes to being a great work destination for internationals. One thing we can all associate with is that the country isn’t as popular as lets say Canada, Australia or the USA for international workers. But truth be told, skilled workers, professionals and people with higher education all have a chance to work in Denmark.

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Your dream job may just be waiting for you in Denmark

At the moment, over 11% of the Danish workforce is made up of full time foreign workers. The country has kept its doors open to welcome and integrate more workers. This new approach to immigration of workers has something to do with the aging population and appreciation that the country is only better off when it welcomes more foreigners with on-demand skills and knowledge. 

Industry and sectors where Denmark needs workers

Denmark has a hold in a number of critical sectors which makes it a titan of sorts in the community of nations. Small as the country may be and with just a paltry 5.8 million people, its foothold in manufacturing, service, processing and agri-related industries make it stand out.

When looking to work in Denmark, take your ample time to really know each of the industries that largely welcome foreign workers. Once you pick out the Danish industries, businesses and companies that keep attracting more foreign workers, focus on them as a priority. 

Some of the industries where Denmark performs well ahead of many other countries include;

  • Environmental technology and sustainability
  • Efficient and green energy
  • Food and bio resources sector
  • The Maritime industry and logistics
  • Life sciences and associated technologies
  • Building and construction industry
  • Fashion and design
  • Advanced production systems
  • Finance and financial technologies
  • Tourism and hospitality

For your information, the above listed are just broader work areas. Under each category you get many subcategories which may be a jig-saw fit with your own skillset or profession. Carefully check under these key areas and you may just be lucky to  get a job in Denmark. 

Schemes that allow international workers coming to Denmark

Anyone who has done some homework will attest that it’s not so easy to just immigrate to Denmark without a proper reason. If anything, the Danish Aliens Act which generally deals with issues of immigration and integration makes it quite hard for undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers to use only their social situations as reasons enough for stay.

Typical onboarding session for international workers in Denmark

If the decision by the Danish politicians to allow foreign students up to three years of job search means anything, its that the country now sees more value in internationals. The possibility of moving to Denmark on social grounds alone remains so minimal which then makes job related moves the best alternative. The publication and update of the Positive list for work in Denmark also demonstrates labor scarcity areas. 

  • Pay limit scheme
  • Fast track scheme
  • Positive List
  • Researcher
  • Employed PhD
  • Start-up Denmark
  • Researcher 
  • Herdsmen and farm managers
  • Work permit as an accompanying family member
  • Sideline employment scheme
  • Volunteerism
  • Employment for adaptation and training
  • Labour market attachment
  • Ess scheme
  • Trainee

Important points to succeed as a foreign worker in Denmark

Denmark, just like the other Nordic countries, really have good work-life balance for its workers. Workers not only get a chance to grow their skills but also continually learn the most updated industry specific things. 

Again as a foreign worker in Denmark, job security is almost guaranteed. All you need to do is remain competent and productive which is all any employer needs. At all costs, just get the job done and remain disciplined at work.

The common mistake for so many foreign workers is the folly of arriving, settling and being too comfortable. Yes, nothing wrong with being content and settled but a sharp foreigner needs to keep gaining newer skills, exploring better opportunities. Making moves like taking refresher courses, learning language and culture count a lot.

Remember, as a foreign worker. You may not be interested to get Danish permanent residence or citizenship. This means that your investments wont largely be in Denmark-they say home is where your heart lies. So be true to invest your income from day one so that even as you expect pension in Denmark for your years of work, your investments too will be generating reasonable returns. 

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