Third-country international students in Denmark to get three years job seeking permit

Although having a university degree may not be a free pass to success, we can all agree that it counts for so much. Nowonder every ambitious person wants to scale the heights of academics and earn self a baccalaureate, Masters degree or even PhD. Now, for those thinking about opportunities to study in Denmark as a third country international student, there’s so much in store for you. 

To start with, Denmark as a country ranks among the titans in the happiness index. This means that even as an international student, you experience this happiness in so many ways. But most importantly, an international student in Denmark can be sure to get the best industry relevant knowledge and skills. But as an extra, third country students in Denmark now get a job seeking permit after completing their studies. 

What pulls international students to Denmark

Honestly, Denmark may not rank among the most popular study destinations. It may not be popular even in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana and others that send so many students to study abroad.

You’ll agree that when it comes to study abroad destinations, many students always have traditional countries in Mind. These traditional estinations draw their popularity frim having many study opportunities and lscholarships. They include the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany or France. Denmark may only be low down there when it comes to international students.

At this point, someone may make the false conclusion that Denmark and its universities don’t rank high in excellence. Far from it. The Danish universities and the entire education system remain among the top globally. Those who’ve migrated to settle or study in Denmark know that the schools focus on holistic learning. Their teaching approahc is for real life situations. 

Things that make Denmark attractive for international students

  • High ranking, top notch universities and premier research institutions
  • Extensive generous funding of research and development
  • Few but very comprehensive scholarship funding
  • An opportunity for collaborative work and partnerships
  • Favorable immigration bureaucracies and reasonable requirements for proofs
  • A lot of possibilities during and after completion of studies. 

Fin more elaborate reasons why smart students choose to study in Denmark  at Study in Denmark as an international student

Things that matter most for a third country student in Denmark

We may argue that moving to study in a developed country is purely out of sheer interest in the premier academic institutions. But there’s always more to it. Yes, third country universities don’t have as much faculty support as those in lets say Denmark yet they still produce some of the best brains available.

If anyone was to be truthful, you’ll get to know that the final decision to move and study abroad in Denmark bears extra considerations. Over and above the attractiveness of the study opportunities, students expect to use this as an initial step towards career success and personal growth.

For any international student, the period towards the completion of studies really sends chills. At this point, a student has gotten attached to the new country, is unsure of opportunities back home, wants to get everything right but sometimes the immigration laws don’t allow much time to stay behind. Denmark seems to have noticed this struggle and now moves to give third party students in Denmark ample time to integrate and start off life in the country. 

So over and above the education standards and such kind of nitty grits directly related to studying in Denmark. Other extra considerations make Denmark stand out as a go to study destination.

More on Why Study in Denmark as a third country student?

  • Payment of first semester university tuition fees is enough documentation of financial ability.
  • You have a chance of working maximum 20 hours per week and full time during Summer break
  • A lot of flexible off campus jobs especially in bigger cities such as Copenhagen, Aalborg, Aarhus, Odense, Kolding and the like. 
  • A chance to carry with you your spouse, cohabiting partner and children. However, in this case, you as their sponsor must document that you can support them.
  • You get access to social security just like the citizens and holders of permanent residence.
  • A chance to experience Scandinavia and its unique cultures, traditions and people
  • 3 years extra on your student residence permit to stay in Denmark after study completion
  • Possibility to learn Danish language without paying for it
  • Likelihood of landing a job with the lucrative Danish companies as well as international businesses in Denmark. .

Establishment card in Denmark replaced with automatic 3 years stay

Before, third country citizens studying in Denmark had only a 6 month job search period and a chance to get an establishment card. Establishment cards in Denmark allowed students a residence period not exceeding 2 years after which they had to either leave the country or find an alternative residence status. 

In a move that seems to be targeted towards recruiting more graduating international students into the Danish society and workplace, changes have since been made. So today, at the time of applying to study in Denmark as a citizen of a third country, your residence permit will automatically bear 3 more years of stay after studies.

It is upon you as a person to choose whether to use the allocated 3 more years or leave as your situation may dictate. But in all, you no longer need to hassle to pay a fee for an establishment card or get extremely worried about your stay in Denmark after graduation. 

A comprehensive publication on the new rules can be found here

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