5 reasons to arrive early for study in Denmark

Many people know Denmark as a top country in the global happiness index. This only reflects a tip of the iceberg on what the country really has in store for newcomers. An ambitious young person from outside Denmark can either win a scholarship funding or choose pay tuition fee out of pocket. Whatever the case, just have a clear plan on how to do everything from day one. As a perfect advise, make effort to arrive early for study in Denmark. Plan your travel to Denmark so that your arrival time falls a week or so before classes begin.

One thing that every international student anywhere else experience is the struggle to adjust to a new life. Things always happen so fast that no amount of prior preparation matches up to it. For Denmark, so many challenges lie ahead of any student ranging from sometimes adverse weather, language barrier and a generally laid back community. All these out together can blow ones’mind off; added to the weight of the course, it gets out of hand.

Welcome to study in Denmark-Tillykke

Getting a study slot in Denmark isn’t by any chance a mean feat. So many have applied for studies but never made it to the full admission list. At best, a lot of internationals find themselves on the conditional admission list or what others call reserve list. So, if you become among the lucky people to get a direct admission, congratulations once more!

After receiving the admission offer and now ready to travel to Denmark for the start of studies, the anxiety can be real. Before getting overwhelmed and as a way to avoid common mistakes as a newbie in Denmark, early arrival must be a priority. Wahatever the situation could be, book your flight ticket, train or bus booking to arrive a week or two earlier than study start-the earlier, the better.

Whether its Aalborg University, Aarhus University, Technical University of Denmark or any other, the universities rank super high. But for an exciting study experience in Denmark, Just make it a point to arrive in Denmark early.

A quick round on why one needs to arrive early for study abroad in Denmark

Studying in Denmark

Honestly, the process of securing a study opportunity in Denmark at Masters degree, PhD, or even Bachelors can be such a long one. Once the applications open, prospective international students need to work around set deadlines. A successful application and admission thrusts international student to the next phase of murk-residence permit as a student in Denmark.

Genrally, applications for study in Danish universities should be submitted on the single platform www.optagelse.dk. The rest of application assessment, results and other related communication then kick in one after the other until eventual enrollement

The process may drag and eat into your reserve arrival period. In worst cases especially for students without a Danish embassy consulate or representative in their country, a lot is involved.

As a basic and standard practice, Danish universities that offer you a study slot will start processing your papers ahead of time. A keen applicant will notice that the universities set different deadlines for international studnets to submit study application and process immigration documents. The set dedlines have been set based on realistic time periods taken before getting all clearances to travel for studies in Denmark.

Congratulations for admission to study in Denmark

Every applicant to study abroad waits with bated breathe for the word “congratulations” on the application portal. Indeed some may have applied to as much as five universities but unfortunately still fail to get a slot-not for want of qualification but because the available slots cant take in anymore. So once again, congratulations for being the lucky one. But then follows the next steps.

An admission offer to study in Denmark makes many international student one step into their dream courses. However, the real outcome depends on how diligently you follow the next steps especially getting a schengen visa and a resident permit. These two determine whether and when you’ll actually arrive in Denmark for start of studies.

The phases have different service timelines which means that a late submission of for example niometrics will delay your travel. Whatever you do and however your indiviual situation looks like, just make sure you’re ahead of or on time with each stage.

What arriving early in Denmark for studies means 

Arriving in Denmark early, like one week before the studies begin, is important for both the EU and non-EU students. Basically, in everything, starting early is usually important and education is not an exemption.

1. Getting to know the new Home

One of the reasons why you should arrive early is to know your new home as well as the surroundings. On your first day in Denmark, everything will seem to be different. However, with time, you may get used to things like purchasing your travel ticket to and from school. 

Arrive in Denmark early and stroll around your new home city

2. Getting to know your University ´ s activities

It is during orientation that you will get to know about the activities that happen in the university. Besides, one day is usually dedicated to that and one can sign up for the activities that  impress him or her. It is also during orientation that some of the activities will be performed.

Even if you moved to Denmark alone, you won’t feel it as you will get other people whom you can have fun with. The activities will give you the opportunity of making friends from different countries as well as faculties. Basically, everyone you will meet will be part of your network. 

3. Connecting to other students

Arriving early in Denmark before your study begins will also connect you to the university students. You might even get a mentor in school who is also a student but is ahead in the course you are studying. The mentor may give you tips on the things you can do to get the best out of your course. You may also apply for the buddy program. In this program, you get someone who guides you and shows you around the university and the location of different offices. 

College students will be waiting to connect when you arrive in Denmark early enough

4. Get guidelines on how to register with Authorities

Lastly, during orientation, you will get guidelines on how to register with the authorities such as getting the CPR number. Remember, the CPR number is only important if your course will take more than 3 months. You will get to know about student life in the university. In some cases, an alumni who is an international can speak to you about his or her experiences. 

5. Plan to start Danish Classes

If you plan to stay in Denmark after your studies, it is good to learn Danish. This is because it will help you to easily navigate through Denmark. Also, after competing, you can get employment in a Danish organization where they mostly speak danish. However, if you do not plan to stay then you can just learn a few words. 

Recap on why you Should Study in Denmark

Denmark is one of the most developed countries globally. Its universities rank highly in the global map as it provides quality education. At the Danish universities,you will get rich resources, modern facilities, and the problem based model. They also use group works and project work to ensure that the student grasp almost everything taught in school. 

In addition, at the Danish universities, you can easily access the lecturers. You can send them an email and even book an appointment. Unlike other countries like most African countries where the lectures are addressed as Mr, Mrs, Miss and the rest in Denmark,they are addressed by their first names. The good thing is that they enjoy it.

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