Best Diploma Courses to take in Kenya today

At the moment, so many youths in Kenya complete studies and remain unemployed for so long. This situation partly arises from the few job opportunities as well as poor course choices after completion of form four. Some critics have argued that one doesn’t need to study a diploma course to succeed, only a mindset change. Whatever one thinks of the situation, we here choose to highlight on demand diploma courses that may pique your interest or  that of someone you can advise.

As reality keeps showing us, having a university degree in Kenya may not be a free pass to a good life. Some people may choose to ignore or rubbish this fact but at least think of it. In fact, form four leavers in Kenya who choose to apply to and get enrolled in Technical and Vocational Education and Training institutions (TVETs) likely end up getting practical, on demand skills that make them ready for the workplace.

The decisive decision to pursue a Diploma Course in Kenya

For some years,schools, parents and education stakeholders in Kenya made university degrees appear as the ultimate measure of success. Parents and ill-mannered teachers would collude  to leak examination papers to students just so that they attain the minimum university entry points. 

Having witnessed the shrinking opportunities for the ballooning number of university graduates,a smart person has to rethink. One thing about getting an admission to university in Kenya is to engage in high level research and collaborations. In most cases, Kenyan universities fall short of adequate research funding which then leaves students with little options but to learn a lot of theoretical knowledge.

Those who want to be really hands-on and practical in the workplace will either go for technical courses in university or take the TVET route or any other diploma course. As much as a diploma may not be as coveted as a university degree, it’s a practical route to jobs today as graduates acquire real life experiences and practical skills that more or less match the Competency Based Curriculum currently being implemented. 

Going for a diploma course in Kenya after KCSE 

After sitting for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) and getting the results, the biggest question on top of every candidate’s mind is, what next? The truth is that not all students ever attain the cluster points to pursue some degree courses. But then, nothing is lost.

Tertiary Colleges and TVETs in Kenya today have offered a perfect route for students who don’t get university admission to still pursue their dream careers regardless. But most prospective students tend to be caught up either in the dilemma of which courses to take or remain completely ignorant of what  courses fit their scores , align with their career interests.

In this murk of confusion, most people tend to make inquiries from different sources like parents,colleagues and even teachers. Worse of it all, the I-don’t-care type settle on courses so blindly just so to enter college. We believe that by reading this piece, you don\t intend to be so reckless and careless when it comes to choosing a diploma course to study.

Likely confusion when choosing a course to study

There’s always a likely confusion about what courses to really take, their marketability in Kenya or abroad, salary scale and prospects for career advancement. All we can see from recent trends is a near rush to pursue nursing since countries like Canada, the USA, Australia and European nations are in dire need for nursing professionals. But that’s just a tip of what diploma courses exist and have great demand. 

So we here take the trouble to screen through and present prospective diploma students in Kenya with a curated course list. To be even more useful, we match the courses up with the current KCSE grades required for admission.

While we share this information, you may be interested to know that the admission grades and points keep changing from time to time. However, the grades listed and shared here give a practical range you can always work with. 

Best  diploma courses in Kenya and the required KCSE grade points

Note: Before relying fully and wholly on the shared course requirments as well as other specifics, please have in mind that these facts keep changing from year to year.

  1.   Diploma in business related courses

Under this category, you can elect from among many courses including but not limited to;  

  • Accountancy
  • Diploma in business management / administration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leadership studies
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Logistics and supplies management

Course Admission requirements 

  • Overall grade of C in KCSE 
  • A mean grade of C in either business or mathematics and 
  • C in English or kiswahili.

2. Diploma in tourism and management

Are you a fan of serving others and making sure that they get a great positive experience? Then the tourism and hospitality career would be great. Look here, the world today is full of so many bad experiences and news that drain emotions. As a graduate with a diploma in tourism and management, you set yourself on a path to get almost instant gratification when satisfied people say “thank you, it was a great service”. Some even go ahead to hand you great tips for your service or link you to greater opportunities. 

Bet you me, tourism management isn’t a cheap or random course. As locals keep prioritizing taking vacations, spending days out at exotic hideouts and such kind of self refreshing activities,having a diploma in the field makes you a hot cake. 

You may be studying a diploma in tourism and management in Kenya but it honestly prepares you to take international assignments. Aside from nursing and caregiving that so many Kenyans today study as a likely path to working abroad, tourism and hospitality is another likely option. 

Just like the people getting your services, you will also equally enjoy  new activities such as hiking,bird watching and also sightseeing.

Course requirements 

  • Mean grade of C 
  • C-plain in Either  Kiswahili or English 
  • C-plain in either history or geography 

3.Diploma in electrical and civil engineering

One thing with engineering as a general field is its practical nature. Those who are good at craft and practical work as well as have the ability to master the skill can easily go for electrical and civil engineering diploma courses. 

Previously, the fields were a preserve of men but this has since changed as more and more ladies keep getting admitted to study STEM subjects. Here, those who are organized, keen, orderly and above all quick to learn can really do well. 

Course Requirements

Mean grade of C plain 

  • C-plain in physics
  • C-plain in mathematics 
  • A minimum grade of C plain in languages.

4. Diploma In Nursing

In Kenya, Diploma in nursing  has become so popular. The kenya medical training college has a signature rank for being the best at producing best nurses around. The institution ranks tops for diploma courses.The students pursuing this course have gained global recognition.


  • KCSE mean grade of C plain.
  • A mean grade of C in either English or Kiswahili.
  • A grade of C in either biological sciences.
  • C minus in chemistry, mathematics, or physical sciences

5. Diploma in mass communication and journalism

Mass communication has also become popular because it allows young people to start work almost immediately. In an increasingly digital world, the mainstream media doesn’t need to be the sole employer after completion of a mass communication and journalism course.

If you look around, we have enough graduates of mass communication especially from Kenya Institute of Mass Communication who’ve made names for themselves. One can venture into content creation, emceeing, digital marketing, communications consultant and more. 

Job opportunities 

  • Wedding planning.
  • Event management.
  • Creative direction. 
  • Content writing and development.

With all the above careers it should motivate students that by pursuing mass communication there are various careers in the course therefore it’s a one knowledge with many job opportunities.

Course admission requirements

  • KCSE mean grade of C-plain 
  • Minimum of C+ in English or Kiswahili.
  • KCSE mean grade of C-minus 

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